Community Round-Up: 11/08/12

I’ve had a short break as I’ve been travelling and been doing other things, but I’m back now and ready for action for this week’s Community Round-Up!

[With plenty added bits from me which I’d already written! – Tef]

TSA has its very own Battlefield 3 server! It’s called “TheSixthAxis Official Server” and everyone is welcome.

To go along with this month of renewed BF3 fever, we also gave away a pair of codes for the Close Quarters DLC pack. I’m happy to be able to announce that McProley and BigC23 were our two winners, and both should reply to that email that’s probably mistakenly sat in their Spam filters!

Death_in_Flamez has been at it again, organising a MotorStorm: Apocalypse Championship in the forums. I believe that there’s a post in the offing for this weekend that has the race lineup and info, so if you’re involved or interested, keep an eye out for that for all the latest details.

TSA has gone absolutely Battlefield 3 mad, since we got that server last week. There have been people playing it every evening since, so in addition to the regular meets, if you want some BF3 action, just find some buddies to play with or rock up to the TSA server.

If that’s not really your scene, there’s the usual Uncharted 3 (replete with the latest patch) tonight at 7PM, and those who like driving around should enjoy the Sunday Dirt Showdown meet at 6PM… on Sunday.

Gran Turismo 5 makes a triumphant return on Monday night at 7PM, with Dirt 3 getting a bit catty and mousey at 8PM, and Max Payne diving in slow motion at 9PM!

Then it’s a long, long wait until the regular Battlefield 3 DLC meet on Thursday, and Battlefield 3’s regular meet (which will be put up at some point) on Friday.

So, hectic as usual, then! You can always create your own meet to add to the chaos, if you have 250 TSA points.

It’s been a while since we last had a lot of reviews, but this week they’ve returned in force! Huzzah!

Starting us off is a review Sound Shapes, the latest must-have game for the PS Vita and PS3, which Al liked just a little bit. He sums it up by saying, “Just buy it,” but also gave it a 9/10, so I guess you better had!

Next up Jim took a look at new MMORPG, The Secret World. He came away with a generally positive impression, which was somewhat mirrored by Peter’s review of New Super Mario Brothers 2, both receiving 7/10. A somewhat ironic title, it seems, for NSMB2. But what doesn’t appeal to anyone is the buggy mess of No Man’s Land, with Jim giving it a dismal 2/10.b

In previews this week were the recently announced Grid 2, sequel to another one of Codemasters popular racing games, and a look at LittleBigPlanet PS Vita. Jim also keeps his Hall of Heroes series going nicely with a look at Bax the Ork.

We also keep the pace up with a bunch of features, as Alex asks whether game violence is really violence at all, Peter chats about his time with the PS Vita and the future of the system, and Kris asks if we aren’t all taking the satisfying pling of a trophy just a teensy bit too seriously?

Over to the regular weekly community features, and there’s the latest Community Chronicle, with one heck of an Olympics viewing set up on show! WeView’s verdict is in for FIFA Street, whilst Modern Warfare 3 is in the stand for your views this time around. Finally we have What We Played and the TSA Podcast.

Oh, and it’d be best not to forget that Peter has an iBook out. It’s as free as a thing that doesn’t cost any money, also available as a PDF, and lays out all the background history you might need to know for Assassin’s Creed 3. Absolutely worth a download.

Let’s take a look at the Forums, which seem to of picked up since I left which is great to see!

Good to see the place so full of life!

Batman narrowly defeated Issac Clark from Dead Space last week with a 6 – 5 victory, meaning he now goes into the Hall of Fame. This week we have two new contenders, let’s take a look!

Master Chief 


  • He is a cybernetically-enhanced supersoldier.
  • Has a vast armoury of futuristic weaponry.
  • He’s so strong he can flip vehicles like they are feathers.


  • His health rapidly depletes without his shield.
  • Spartan lasers (and other weapons) can be painfully slow to charge.
  • (Spoiler) Following the end to Halo 3, he’s currently in a cryonic sleep which could be problematic for a situation like the showdown.

Crash Bandicoot


  • Well known for his tornado spin attack.
  • Also a professional go-karter.
  • Aku Aku (the floating head thingy) acts as his guardian.


  • Crashes into far too many boxes.
  • His arch-nemesis is Doctor Neo Cortex.
  • Relies on Wumpa fruit for extra lives.

Well that’s it once again, hopefully Team GB’s success in the Olympics will continue right up until the end which is tomorrow, but in the mean time don’t forget to get voting below! Bye!

– This post was half written by Teflon and Gazzagb each. A collaborate effort gone… OK?



  1. Can I shamelessly plug the TSA Forum Fantasy Football League seeing as there’s only a week until the Premier League kicks off?

    There’s no prizes (unless someone wants to donate), it’s just for fun.

    • Oh, Crash wins.

      If it’s Naughty Dog era Crash, that is, as opposed to Crappy Crash.

  2. Easy, Masterchief! Disregarding all else the guy has the best weapon to grace gaming – the sticky grenade! He’s a demon with those bad boys and even if Crash does nail the Chief then I see a “kill from the grave” popping up.
    However, should John 117 decide to dance over Crash’s corpse and tea bag him – I see Crash using Aku Aku to take the hit before planting a firm foot into the Chiefs teabag!
    Also – Crash killed his career with Nitro Karting and has probably become some fat slob of a Bandicoot, Halo is yet to have stooped so low and Masterchief is potentially going to awaken into his best performance yet.

  3. “TSA has gone absolutely Battlefield 3 mad, since we got that server last week.”

    One or two players got a little mad in the Battlefield forum thread Base-Raping? each other, whatever that involves! :P

  4. Good to see you back. I’m going to have to go for Crash, was no real decision for me :P

    • Wedone to the winners as well :)

  5. Master Chief… would he not win? xD

  6. Crash Bandicoot!

  7. the Ebook was cool, though not having an ipad meant i had to settle for the pdf version, not Peter’s fault i know.
    still cool though.

    how can anybody think Crash stands a chance against a spartan, let alone the one that pretty much single handedly won the war against the Covenant.

    he took out a scarab, he’s got a wide arsenal of weapons and Mjolnir armour that comes equipped with a shield.

    some marsupial that wears trainers spins round a lot and has a taste for apples, well, poor, poor Crash is all i can say.
    this isn’t even a fight.
    Master Chief by a country mile.

  8. master chief wins! he has the name “master” so he is bound to win!

  9. Some other great forum posts other than the ones mentioned. Really good to see some action in there.

    As for the fight: Master Chief. Only ever played Halo 1 on the old Xbox but a fluffy little dude with no real power isnt a match for a super soldier.

    Also really been wanting BF3 for a long time but the dam thing doesnt seem to want to drop in price and im not sure i will like it. Can I really risk that money?

    • yeah, definitely.
      There’s a harsh learning curve to the online but once your over that, its just a quality shooter.
      Always been a CoD fan until I bought BF3, I cant imagine lying any other shooter now

  10. Who told Adam about my many surprises i had instore for Gazzagb? as i’ve just spend the past 48 hours getting yelled at and being asked if i can build him a Val Kilmer S….. i mean Android. Some of them were going to be nice surprises. :-/ BF madness is the most dangerous form of madness! I swear i swore a TSA forum reg get into a plane and crash it into Tef’s office! Oh and i destroyed his favorite toeshoe statue for demoting again this week. Weird thing is, i got an increase of biscuits. :O And what on earth was OK doing with that paper woman? If he did what i think he did, then don’t do it in the hallway of the community team’s offices.

    The Chief would win this as he just fire his gun at him and last time i checked, Crash doesn’t have anything to counter it. Unless it’s the Chief from Arby n the chief(No, it’s not a spelling mistake), who would miss and insult him, make jokes about sleeping with his mother and get killed.

    • soggy paper?

      • I don’t want to know about your weird fetishes!

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