Wrath Of Heroes’ First “Legendary” Hero Outed

It has been confirmed that Dark Elf hero Malus Darkblade is set to become the game’s first “Legendary Hero”. Stripped from the pages of Dan Abnett’s “Bloodstorm” (great author, check his other works) Malus is a Warhammer icon driven by hatred and tormented by the taint of Chaos.

Both his stats and abilities peg him down as a full-offence hero who can also call upon the power of Tz’arkan the Chaos Daemon to replenish health and increase offence. Unlike similar melee fighters (notably Lucian) Malus doles out area damage instead of picking on single targets.


Expect to see him arrive as part of next week’s update.

Source: Wrath of Heroes


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  1. ‘Dis ere elf is nuthin against uz Orks! Ma Choppa is as big as he iz! Ork’s are dead ‘ard, and elfies are squishy *smash*’

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