Free Maps Headline Starhawk Update 1.03

Lightbox Interactive’s  follow-up to popular PlayStation shooter, Warhawk, has recently been updated to version 1.03.


Making good on his pre-launch promise, studio president Dylan Jobe announced that 1.03 isn’t just packed with tweaks and fixes. Upon downloading the free title update, players will be given immediate access to two new maps, both situated on the planet Cypress. Both variants are buried beneath a canopy of foliage, peppering the battlefield with plenty of cover points.

Players who have been sitting around at level 50 are also in for a surprise. Lightbox has worked Prestige Levels into the online experience, allowing hardcore fans to garner even more XP and rank further. Other features include Drop Pod tweaks, soundtrack contextualisation, improved chat functionality and a new scoring system in Capture the Flag:

Now, to score a point in CTF, you need to take the enemy flag back to your base — period. Your team’s flag does *NOT* need to be there for you to score. Now certainly, your team still needs to play defense because you don’t want the enemy team taking your flag and scoring, but this change makes the pacing so much better. Much faster and far fewer draws and stalemates.

According to Jobe this is just the tip of the iceberg. Future updates are set to introduce more maps, more features and even new build and battle options.

Source: Official PlayStation Blog



  1. good to see the tweaks, I might log on to see if their fair well

    • Same here, though I can’t imagine that it will reel me into the multiplayer.

      I love me some third person shootin’ but the vehicle focus is somewhat of a turn-off for me.

      It must be a recurring, subconscious thing for me. Probably the reason I avoided Battlefield 3. Hell, it even explains why I’m a little at edgy at the thought of playing DUST 514 and PlanetSide 2.

      • the game needed some massive changes, and I’m hoping the patches helps, but I can’t help but think its still not going to be anything like Warhawk.
        It’s such a shame as the game has potential, it just doesn’t work, or hasn’t when I last played it months ago.

  2. They still haven’t fixed the issues with the networking. Even if I’m lucky enough to get into a match I get error messages half way though. Seems to be a very wide spread issue that has plagued the game from day one. After following all the connection guides on port forwarding etc I still have issues and LightBox refuse to admit there is an issue(s). Every other game I own (first/third party, new/old titles) have no issues. Along with months of issues with balancing etc, poor campaign, this game has been a major disappointment.

  3. I still want to download this like with Warhaek so that i won’t keep inserting discs….

    >lazy bugger

    Seriously though wtf, this is disgracful I don’t care if its going to kill my puny hard-drive but fuck sake Sony support yer game damn it!

  4. I really miss playing Warhawk. Probably my favourite competitive multiplayer on the PS3. I just couldn’t get into the sequel though, shame really. Is it a game that grows on you rather than being immediately amazing?

    • Its like when it gets really tense the game really shows its colours like when defending a flag or when the base is getting brutally murdered. It was just the beta but no idea what its like now.

      • the beta was better than the full release. It seems the full game is just spawn raping and sniping tanks from a mile away. Hawks were OP in some instances too. Once your team is being spawn raped, people leave and you have no chance of winning, it happens every match.

  5. Played my first game in a while last night.

    Had an awesome time, desperate for them to release multiplayer mode digitally so I can have it installed. Swapping discs is so last decade.

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