Gamescom: What to Expect and Where to Watch it

Gamescom 2012

The annual Gamescom circus of European gaming goodness kicks off tomorrow in Germany. While it’s a generally lower-key affair than E3, there are often some big announcements saved for it – particularly from Sony and EA. We’ve already had a detailed look at what Sony’s prospects are but we though it would be handy to have a little look at the overall picture and see what we might look forward to this week.

First up, Sony. They generally save a little bit of love for Europe with their unveilings and we’re hoping to see something special from them when they take to the stage for a press conference at 6PM UK time. That’s streaming live so you can watch along but we’ll also be reporting on it as quickly as we can. We’ve heard that there will be representatives of the Unfinished Swan, Journey (Kellee Santiago!), Media Molecule and Diggs Nightcrawler there, alongside Shuhei Yoshida of Sony Worldwide – a big fan of the Vita if his twitter feed is anything to judge by…

We’ll almost certainly see PlayStation All-Stars, The Last of Us, The Unfinished Swan and Dust 514 on the PS3. The Vita showing will hopefully include some Call of Duty: Declassified information alongside Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation. We’ll cross our fingers and hope really hard that there’s some more good news for the Vita – perhaps we could see some tech demos of PlayStation Mobile projects?

Microsoft and Nintendo are both skipping large-scale presentations but there will no doubt be some presence on the show floor. We’ll have to look towards the larger publishers for the most interesting snippets on those platforms though, so let’s have a look at what they’re planning.

EA traditionally puts on a good show for Europe. This year, they’re running a constant live-streaming camera throughout the show. They’ll also be streaming their press conference live at 3PM UK time and we’ll report on anything major that comes from it. They’ll certainly show off FIFA 13, Crysis 3, Dead Space 3, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, SimCity, Need for Speed Most Wanted and their MMOs – The Old Republic and The Secret World. We’ll hope for something that’s previously unannounced but don’t hold your breath: their show is already packed.

Ubisoft is holding a press conference on Wednesday at 2PM UK time. There is a stream planned for that too, at least via G4tv. We can expect plenty of Assassin’s Creed III and Liberation footage, along with something from Far Cry 3 and they’ll probably have Shootmania Storm and Ghost Recon Online too. Ubisoft will be the place to watch for Wii U games, too. They’re supporting the console’s launch quite heavily and we should see more of ZombiU and Rayman Legends, as well as their more casual offerings.

Nobody else is live-streaming conferences but there is still plenty on the show floor to get excited about. Capcom will show off Resident Evil 6 (including 20 minutes of gameplay footage) and Lost Planet 3. There’s also talk of a new title reveal from Capcom so they’re worth keeping an eye on. Square Enix has Sleeping Dogs out this week so they’ll have plenty of that on display. They’ll also be showing off Tomb Raider and Hitman: Absolution alongside Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and the Final Fantasy VII PC Re-release.

Namco Bandai will be showing off Ni No Kuni and Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Codemasters have F1 2012 and their karting spin off, F1 Race Stars. Warner Bros will show Injustice and Harry Potter for Kinect as well as hinting at one major new title announcement. Activision’s offerings are heavily Blizzard-based, with Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm, Diablo 3 and the Mists of Pandaria WoW expansion sitting next to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. The latest CoD game will have its multiplayer shown off in a live stream by Microsoft’s community team from the UK and their US-based mouthpiece, Major Nelson.

2K Games are there, showing NBA 2K13, XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Borderlands 2 and there have been some very hopeful rumours about Take-Two (2K’s parent company) showing up with Rockstar and GTA V. Don’t hold your breath for that one, Borderlands 2 is the big focus for the next few months and once that’s out in the wild, we’ll expect a bit more GTA news from Take-Two.

TheSixthAxis will be reporting on all the news, as we hear it, from back here in the UK but we’ve also got a guy on the ground with a packed schedule and a mission to bag as many previews as he can get his hands on so expect to see some good stuff over the next week or two.



  1. Will watch the Sony one all the way through, they usually have some pretty big announcements for Gamescom. Might watch Ubisoft for Liberation footage, perhaps a bit of Watch Dogs, too? Probably won’t watch the EA one, I feel like I already know most about every game on their list, since they’re mostly sequels.

    • Yeah will defo watch Ubisoft to hopefully catch some footage of Watchdogs. *fingers crossed*

  2. Great to have all this info in one place. Thanks!

  3. Really great article, thanks TSA.

  4. Plenty to look forward to, will try and watch as much as possible myself but i’ll be relying on TSA to fill in the gaps!

  5. Megatonne :)

  6. Time certainly flies by… gamescom starts tomorrow, thought it was still a week or two away.
    Looking forward to more reveals for F1 2012 and wishing for Sony to announce GT Vita.

  7. The Secret World gets two mentions? ;)

    Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 and Bordlerands 2 will be the games I’ll be focusing on. Don’t want to see too much of Tomb Raider to keep the experience fresh whenever that comes out.
    I hope those two unnanounced Sony games are worth the hype.

    • heh, oops… some shocking insight into how I re-edit my paragraphs… I’ll fix now :)

  8. Nice article as always TSA!

    Im really itrigued to see what Sony have instore im a little bit more excited then i was for E3! Going to watch Ubi & Sony conference.

  9. has anybody else noticed?
    the biggest third party supporter of the Wii U seems to be Ubisoft.

    i’m not saying it means anything, but it makes you think. o_O

    • It was the same with the Vita.

      There’s sales to be had if you release games onto a new console- less competition for a start!

      Ubisoft realised this, and will reap the rewards.

      • And the 3DS. Good, strong early support means that they get plenty of assistance from the platform’s engineering teams and it – hopefully – translates to a bit of a headstart when it comes to developing the big blockbusters a year or two into the console’s lifecycle.
        Also, Ubisoft seems well set up to deliver the kind of not-quite-AAA games that fill out a roster and do well during launch periods. I think they’re really approaching their business very sensibly over the past couple of years, for what my opinion is worth :)

    • damn you all, spoiling my joke with your relentless logic. >_<

      actually, one of the games that makes me most want a Vita is AC: Liberation, from Ubisoft.
      i know it's not a launch game, but it's still relatively early days for the Vita.

      oh and Gravity Rush looks pretty damn interesting, i'd like a Vita to play that too.

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