First WARFRAME Alpha Gameplay Footage

Digital Extremes have released the first footage from WARFRAME, a free-to-play third person shooter.


Gamers will find themselves playing as a ‘Tenno’, a race  that teeters on the edge of extinction thanks to the evil Grineer Empire.

Perhaps they are being hunted for their unicorn horns.

You may notice the character has a large sword as well as a gun, and also has a range of additional powers. The beta is currently accepting sign ups and if you get in you will receive an exclusive weapon.

Source: Warframe



  1. One day, every single game will look the same.

    Oh, wait, we’re here already.

    • Lol – Spot on as it goes though, i was just thinking exactly the same thing.

    • I dunno; aesthetically, I think it looks pretty cool. Though yeah, the gameplay looks like Gears with a different melee system.

      While I’m sure I won’t put any time into this whatsoever, I hope it does well, I’m kinda nostalgic for their original Dark Sector trailer, so this looks really nice to me. For those who haven’t seen it:

      Looked amazing when it was first shown…

      • How did you get a Gears of War vibe from this? If anything it looks like Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance…
        GoW features a very low third person camera while this looks more “natural”. Also, did I miss the constant hiding behind walls in the trailer?

        @Alex: Where did that come from?I don’t see the relevance of your comment to this game. You should be posting something like that under a news article about another generic military FPS.

      • Okay, I take it back, it looks like Uncharted gameplay but with more jumping… I was actually just talking about the shooting. :P

      • Fair enough. I was really doubting myself there for a minute. I thought I was missing something. :P

  2. kind of reminds me of the Guyver armour.
    hopefully this game won’t feature angsty japanese teenagers whining that they’ve been given an ultimate weapon.

    anyway, looks pretty generic so far, but hey, for free i’ll give it a try, asuming my pc is up to it, which i doubt.

    • Now that you say that, i am kinda surprised that a Guyver game never made its way into development (well, at least not that i know of).

      Would be a great superhero type beat em uppy thing i would think. Although the chest cavity could only be used every now & again otherwise it would blatantly be too simple.

      • i could see the chest cannon being some kind of super move.

        did you ever see the live action Guyver movie?
        where Mark Hamill got turned into a snail?

        it is kind of surprising that there’s never been an official Guyver game, they did make a new anime series a few years back so it’s not like a forgotten franchise.

        maybe there were some that never made it outside japan.

        i can still remember buying the episodes on vhs from Manga entertainment, two per tape and one tape a month if i recall.

        they had this cool trailer that showed bits of loads of the anime, and at one point it went all, UGH, UGH, UGH.

        i found it on youtube.
        you’ll see what i mean about the UGHs

    • That’s exactly what i thought it looked like.

      Loved the film as a kid but the acting in it was brutal which you could forgive as the fight scenes in it where stunning.

  3. f2p? nope thanks.

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