Media Molecule Announces Tearaway For PS Vita

Media Molecule has announced its new IP, a game called Tearaway, which will be released exclusively on the PS Vita.

Tearaway follows Iota, a messenger who needs the player’s help to navigate the world. Iota and the world of Tearaway is made of paper and it can be taken advantage and manipulated by the player. The stage demonstration showed how the rear touch panel can be used to poke through the world and get rid of enemies, as well as help Iota navigate the world.

The trailer for Tearaway also showed features where the Vita’s camera and microphone were used. The camera was used to give a moose some new skin by taking a picture of an item. That item, whatever it’s colour or pattern would then become the moose’s skin. The microphone was used to blow away obstructions in Iota’s way, so he can continue the adventure.


  1. Dunno if anyone will get the reference but the second I heard this song i thought “That Hollyoaks advert”. game looks very media molecule. nice art style.

  2. Watched the gameplay demo shown in the show and I thought it looked brilliant. Its great to see a new IP and something a little bit innovative too. MM could be on to another winner.

    • Couldn’t agree more, it looks fantastic.

  3. i really like the looks of this, not typically the king of game I go for but this looks good.

  4. Oooh now we’re talking. I like the look of that. Just nice to see something fresh. Looks great. Be interesting to see how they tie everything together, wether there’s some kind of narration maybe?

  5. Looked good! nice to see a new IP and something innovative to the Vita

  6. It looks very appealing, love the whole concept of having the world in your hands and being able to interact with it asif it were so.. the fingers popping up just made me smile. I also liked the papercraft constructions, wonderful!

  7. Fantastic! I knew nothing of this game five minutes ago, and now I can’t wait for its release. Yet, I must….

  8. Media Molecule alone… sells the game to me and the trailer just looks wonderfully great. Excited.

  9. That looks amazing. I can’t wait to play it!

  10. Buying this day one! (or at least hoping my wife will find it adorable enough to buy it herself)

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