PS Plus Members To Partake In Upcoming DUST 514 Beta

CCP Games has announced that PlayStation Plus subscribers will have open access to an upcoming DUST 514 beta event, running between August 21st and September 4th.

It’s no coincidence that, on the first day of testing, the Icelandic studio will also be deploying the much-anticipated “Precursor” update. Aside from new maps and gameplay features, the upcoming patch will also link DUST 514 to CCP’s massively multiplayer flagship, EVE Online. The extent to which players from both games can interact has yet to be fully revealed though Precursor will allow live messaging between the two parties and access to the pretty awesome “Orbital Strike” feature.


Other additons include better, faster matchmaking, easier squad-building, and mouse/keyboard support. DUST 514’s Vita companion, Neocom, will also be made available on the 21st.



  1. Played a bit a few weekends ago, quite like it but for crying out load the texture loading needs to be fixed in Unreal

  2. Looking forward to giving this a go.

  3. I’ve had beta for a while but it kept crashing my ps3.

  4. Oh god. If CCP’s track record with releasing updates to Eve is anything to go by, we’re going to want to wait until a couple of days after Precursor is released. By then CCP’ll have released the inevitable “patch because the update crashes the game” patch, the “patch because that last patch removed your head” and the final “patching, because patching is patchy fun to the patchmax” patch.

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