Seven Minutes Of “Remember Me” Gameplay From Capcom

Out of nowhere, Capcom’s Remember Me is looking like being a real hit – this chunk of PS3 gameplay showing a lot of the mechanics than the reveal trailer did.


Remember Me was previously PS3 exclusive, so it’s good to see it running nicely on Sony’s console.



  1. Blimey that looks good.

    Also kudos to Dontnod for creating a realistic female character who does not have her tits out and isnt wearing knickers that expose her arse cheeks.

    • “wearing knickers that expose her arse cheeks”

      That sounds like Cammy lol

  2. Looks great, first minute reminds me of Watch Dogs. Glad to see different and interesting games dominate the release schedule of the late console years.

    • Yeah was getting a real Watchdogs vibe from it, but that’s a damn good thing. That gameplay vid looked stunning.

      Who needs the PS4 when you have games like this coming out on PS3

  3. Want it

  4. looks good!

  5. Loving the look of that. Love the design of the memory scene.

  6. Nice mix up of different games and ideas there. Could be really really interesting. This and Watch Dogs are ones to watch out for.

  7. Oh my. Looks fantastic.

  8. Hmmm, Deus Ex vibes anyone?
    Looks promising.

    • Vibes are fine – Hopefully it plays nothing like it though.

  9. no tits no arse cheeks what sort of female character is this…

  10. That looks brilliant. That memory sequence was so cool and if they can get enough variety in the memories themselves, this could be very good.

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