Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time Delayed To “Early 2013”

It wasn’t mentioned during the conference proper, but the new Gamescom trailer for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time ends with a new “early 2013” release date for the game. It was previously expected later this year.

The trailer is not yet available elsewhere, but was shown following the conference on Sony’s official stream. Expect it to appear with a confirmation of the delay in a PlayStation Blog post sometime this week. For what it’s worth, the game’s official website still mentions it as a 2012 title.


Thieves in Time is in development at Sanzaru Games for PS3 and Vita, with Sony confirming in their presser that buying one version will net you the other for free as part of the new Cross Buy initiative.



  1. These delays and this awesome cross-buy thing are really working out well for my finances!

  2. Noo :(

  3. Sad face :( Was looking forward to this.

  4. I can wait ^_^

  5. Pro: it gives me more time to play other games and work on the backlog.
    Con: 2013 is busy as can be already, certainly the early part of it. Oh, and the world ends this December, apparently.

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