SOE Announce Fifth DC Universe Online Expansion

The fifth premium content drop for Sony Online Entertainment’s super-powered MMO has been slated for a September release. Dubbed “Hand of Fate” the latest expansion is focused on a worldwide collision between iconic DC magic-wielders Doctor Fate and Felix Faust, brining with it a slew of new features.

Unlike previous expansions, Hand of Fate won’t be headlined by the inclusion of a new power set or weapon type. Instead it’s primary aim is to beef up solo content with 60 (yes, 60) side missions as well as story-driven, open-world missions that can house up to eight players.

Operations, our new group missions, are what make the open-world magic possible. You can think of Operations as Raids or Alerts that can be set in the open-world, but they’re more than that. For example, while on an Operation, up to eight players will be queued up in a starting instance to defeat a challenge alongside their iconic ally. After they win this challenge, they will go out into the open-world to take on the next stage of the operation. Players can split up in smaller groups to accomplish certain objectives, but they will find others require the entire group working as a team. In short, you and your friends will be able to tackle more and more varied content than ever before – in the open world! You’ll probably find the new map UI from Game Update 17 extremely useful here!

From the given description, Operations sounds similar to systems used in other MMOs such as RIFT and Warhammer Online. These are missions that are tackled within the boundaries of Gotham and Metropolis, therefore friendly and enemy players will be free to swoop in to either aid or hinder your progress.


The final noteworthy addition in Hand of Fate is the Utility Belt. Before you ask, no, it doesn’t turn you into Gotham’s caped crusader; instead these items can be equipped to increase your load-out capacity by 2-4 slots.

DC Universe Online has been subject to four premium expansions since launch. Buying them all will unlock three new power sets (Earth, Electricity, Light) a new weapon (the shield) and a spread of story-driven/PvP content. If interested you’d best hurry, Sony’s flogging them all for half price.


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  1. Haven’t played this I over a year but I may dust of my copy and try out a new character

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