Sony Detail PlayStation Mobile

Formerly known as PlayStation Suite, Sony have went into further detail about the PlayStation Mobile service at their Gamescom conference. They’ve said that it’s getting support from major developers, as well as indie “bedroom” devs to create “snacked sized games”.

Lemmings was shown in the sizzle, as well as PS Minis game Hungry Giraffe, amongst a plethora of other titles, so there’s bound to be an abundance of titles readily available. All you’ll need is a PSN ID, and there’s a dedicated store across various devices – Sony certified phones, tablets and the Vita.

You’re able to buy these games once and play them on any of the devices, which is a great deal. Also announced was support for ASUS and Wikipad devices, so this could be something really big if it catches on.

It might even be an alternative to Google Play or the App Store for some developers, we’ll find out just how successful it will be when it releases later this Autumn.



  1. Plethora is my favourite word :).

  2. Very disappointed the PS3 doesn’t look to be getting love… One of the reasons name probably changed from PS suite to PS Mobile.

    From a dev point of view designing for one framework and being playable across a variety of mobile devices and TV screen (via PS3) would be the holy grail, considering the advantages of Minis over the appstore.

    Sony certification was previously announced for some HTC devices, but again that doesn’t seem to have been mentioned.

    Hopefully Sony can drive this better than they seem to be able to most stuff.

    • I was wondering about that. I remembered the HTC partnership announcement. Hopefully my HTC One X get’s supported but I have a Vita anyways. :)

  3. Excellent move Sony ^_^

  4. Weel, at least it seems Hungry Giraffe will finally be playable on my Vita.

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