Sony Reveals New Titles For Wonderbook

Wonderbook has made a showing at Gamescom with the announcement of some titles, and partners who will be working with Sony on Wonderbook.

J.K. Rowling’s Book Of Spells was the first title to make an appearance, showing how the Wonderbook and PS Move work together to learn and use spells, as well as showing animations from the book. Next was a new title called Diggs Nightcrawler, being developed by Moonbot Studios. The story is a noir mystery starring Diggs Nightcrawler, the main detective who is also a worm.


Sony has also announced that the BBC and Disney will be producing content for the Wonderbook. The BBC’s first contribution will be Walking With Dinosaurs, allowing people to explore various dig sites and learn more about dinosaurs. Specific Disney titles weren’t named but they “will be bringing their famous brands to life.”



  1. Nightcrawler looked so so awesome. Shame I have to buy a book to use it, I’d actually buy it if it was an adventure game without the book…I don’t care if it’s for kids!

    • I thought the same, it looked like the kids were genuinely enjoying Book of Spells but it wasn’t for me. Digg Nightcrawlers though.. yes that looked slightly awesome! :)

    • Agreed. Nightcrawler really looked the business. Also, lovely to see massive names like BBC and Disney getting on board. I have to say, I could feel myself reaching for the Dinosaurs Wonderbook. Still fascinated by the big blighters no matter how much of a grown-up I’m supposed to be.

      • Dinosaurs aren’t for children.

        They’re science and history all rolled into one loveable scaly ball.

  2. starting to like wonderbook a lot.

  3. So cool….

  4. I can see a pre-order could be needed for Wonderbook. I hope it takes off and Sony are ready for the rush.

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