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It seems Fallout: New Vegas is very popular here on TSA, with it winning yesterday’s poll by a mile. Personally, I’ve never really understood the draw of the Fallout series of games, they just seem to huge and terrifying for me to get to grips with. Also every time I see someone using the series’ VATS mechanic it looks straight up crazy, but that’s probably because I haven’t played enough of the games.

Fortunately, Peter seems to have a better grasp of the series, reviewing New Vegas back in 2010. Perhaps unsurprisingly he felt the game was remarkably similar to Fallout 3, going so far as to say that “In the first few scenes of the game you could be forgiven for thinking you had put the wrong disc in.” In and of itself that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s annoying that the game didn’t just bring Fallout 3’s visual and gameplay style along, it also inherited its predecessor’s renowned bugs.

In the review Peter complained about a number of familiar bugs in the PS3 version, in particular performance issues plagued the game. It will be interesting to see how you’ve found the game since release, and whether patches have managed to fix up any of those problems Peter identified.

On the plus side Peter liked the way the game improved on Fallout 3’s faction system, praising the fact you had to be genuinely careful not to sully a group’s opinion of you. He also enjoyed the quest structure, finding it “fantastically complex”.

Ultimately, the game warranted a 7/10, with Peter having this to say about it:

Fallout: New Vegas is a peculiar beast. It is so similar to its predecessor that it can be difficult to see where the development time was spent. While that is certainly not going to be seen as a problem for the millions of fans who spent hours with Fallout 3, it would be disingenuous to pretend that this is much more than a tweaked and relocated return to the Fallout universe.

The fact that the many issues with glitches and bugs weren’t ironed out of this release would be unforgivable if the core game wasn’t so tirelessly compulsive and complex. As it is, we have to warn our readers that there are some serious problems here. Your enjoyment of the game will largely depend on how much you’re willing to forgive the issues. If you don’t mind working around them then this could be a game of the year contender, otherwise, you might just think it’s broken.

Of course that was nearly two years ago now, so it’s time to see what’s changed since. Do you agree with Peter’s view of the game, or has it improved with age? Does the game’s complexity redeem it, or did you find it tiresome? Would you have preferred some more differences from Fallout 3?

If you feel like sharing your answers to those questions, or any other thoughts you may have about the game, then you just need to drop a comment below. Once you’ve formulated your opinion, remember to attach a score from the Buy It, Bargain Bin ItRent ItAvoid It scale so we can get a good sense of the community’s overall verdict of the game. If you want to take part, the deadline is Sunday afternoon.



  1. New Vegas is a brilliant game. I personally think its so much more enjoyable than fallout 3 and doesn’t look as drab (although you could argue that would lose some of the post apocalyptic feel). You could easily play for 100 hours and still not find everything in the world or complete all the missions. One of the best improvements to this game over F3 is the ability to aim down the sights of your weapons properly…a feature which should have been in F3!

    I bought the PC version so I wasn’t greeted with as many bugs as the PS3 version but the few I did encounter didn’t stop me from enjoying this game. Hopefully the patches have sorted the majority out. BUY IT.

  2. Got this a few weeks ago, put 30 hours into it so far. It has less character, and looks a lot less bleak than Fallout 3, but ultimately the large improvement in performance, at least on PS3, warrants it to be a more enjoyable and addictive game than the former. Buy it.

  3. Ah, Lagout:New Crashes. I should hate this due to it’s buggy nature and unpredicatable crashes but i fecking love it. You are the courier and for the first time in the series, your character has no backstory other a few select things that you can decide to have as part of your backstory which is great if you love making up a backstory for your characters in RPGs but i can see why some people would hate playing as someone who has no backstory.

    The plot is better then Fallout 3 but you are not saving anyone or a settlement as that is the usual Fallout plots instead you are hunting down the son of a bitch that shot you in the head. Once you reach Vegas, the plot gets a bit deeper. I won’t say anymore about the plot other then it is good. Unlike 3’s which felt a bit half arsed and had a lot of plotholes as well as leaving some questions unanswered. There are 4 endings for the main quest as well as each faction/companion and settlement getting it’s own slide which tells you what has happened because of your results. In other words, it’s the typical Fallout ending slides which F3 lacked.

    There a lot of sidequests and all of them are done well. The gameplay has been tweaked a bit. Iron Sights are included as well as melee couriers being a viable option. You only get a perk every 2 levels which prevents you from having to waste a perk every level because your skills don’t match the requirements of the perk you wanted. Also the traits are back. They are like perks but have a negative side affect which you can choose at the begining of the game. The weapons now feel like that they have some power behind them. Such as the Anti-Material rifle knocking you backwards if you don’t use iron sights etc.. Vats remains mostly the same but allows you to use special moves with unarmed/melee weapons if you match the weapon requirements. Oh and most weapons have a requirement. From having 100 in guns to be able to use the AMR effectively to having 8 strength in order to use a minigun without the aim moving about. The new disguise feature is a welcome addition as it actually makes sense. Why would the NCR allow the courier to go into one of their bases dressed as a legionaire?

    But unfortunaly, F:NV uses Bethesda’s Gamebryo which tends to cause a lot of bugs. However, Obsidain have managed to avoid having Fallout 3’s levels of bugs and lag but it can be very laggy at times. But it is still worth a buy. So BUY IT! Or seeing as it’s very cheap nowadays, BARGIN BIN IT! Either way, it’s worthy of your collection if you love open world RPGs.

    • Oh and Deathclaws are an actual threat due to the lack of the dart gun. Wouldn’t reccomend having a boxing match with one or trying to pull a Batman as they are found in packs.

  4. One of the few RPGs I’ve ever really gotten into. Despite being plagued with bugs and featuring some naff presentation values the game is still pretty fun and held my interest for roughly 30hrs of gameplay overall. Personal highlight for me was getting kicked out of the various casinos for winning too much roulette :D Given the price these days, BUY IT.

  5. Again despite the glitches its a brilliant game,played it for many hours! buy it!

  6. Funny isn’t it? Even though Bethesda game engines have issues with lag and bugs, every offering they’ve made since 2008 is still far far far better than anything the competition comes up with. I believe Vegas was develpoed by obsidian? So I’m not sure how much of a free reign they had with the engine itself. But having said that, I played on the 360 without installing, and I didn’t have any issues with bugs or crashes at all. Then again, I always seem to get lucky after hearing many tales of woe from other gamers.

    As for the game itself. It does a wonderful job of evoking a post apocalyptic world of an alternate reality. The mission system ensures you’re never stuck wondering what you’ve got to do next or where you have to go to do it. The guns feel sufficiently meaty (there is an orbital laser cannon ffs!). And the skill system is tweaked enough that you never feel all powerful, but then never weak like a kitten either. Voice acting is above average, even if the fallout 3 animations are still there seemingly unchanged. Overall, I found it a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

    The sound tack also deserves special mention. I put many of the tracks along side those I, er, bought after playing fallout 3. And I always hum along happily when one of them pops up in the playlist in the car.

    So to sum up: I’ve got spurs that jingle gangle jingle, as I roll right merrily along…to the shop to BUY IT! :P

  7. Bought this game 2nd hand for about £3. Incredible value as I’ve played about 30 hours so far. Only problem is it looks endless – just can’t see how and where the end is coming. I’d say Bargain bin it. Don’t think it’s worth the full £40 as there is a lot of repetition in the gameplay but at £3 you can’t complain. Also I doubt it’ll cost that much new these days.

  8. Why has everyone put 30 hours into it? There are at least 3 here that have said almost exactly the sakme thing! XD

    Does it just die of bugs after that or something??

    • Nope! It’s actually less buggy than Fallout 3 in my experience, although I’ve only clocked around 27 hours, so who knows!

    • My PS3 tries to murder me if i play it for more then 30 hours. :( It even made my floor disappear and my entire world very laggy before crashing. Hate it when i crash.

  9. So good I bought it twice. After putting in about 200 hours originally, I then got the Ultimate Edition with all the DLC and clocked up another 100 or so hours.
    Like most of the comments beforehand the buggy mess that is the Gamebryo engine never put me off. Actually came in handy at times as I would have been glued to screen for hours on end if it didn’t lag out or crash, and would have probably ended up like a PC Bang victim.
    I found it slightly less dry than Fallout 3, especially with the Wild Wasteland perk on, for the totally surreal moments. The colour palette also helped in that regard as it was a lot less muted than Fallout 3s small selection of greys and browns for practically everything.
    A definite Buy It.

  10. New Vegas was the first game I played of the Fallout series and have later gone on to play Fallout 3. I’ve put about 55 hours into New Vegas.
    Enjoyed the story, just enough main quests with different outcomes and side quests to fulfil my needs. Not too engaging to go finish it at once but enough to have you plodding along at a good pace. I also love the game mechanics as I find VATS to be pretty cool, and allowing you to choose between third and first person is always a good idea. I tend to switch between perspectives depending on the guns I’m using. Wonderful design too, lots of locations, huge map, variety to enemies, extensive arsenal, and a clever levelling up system with perks.
    For a huge open world I’ve come across very few bugs. The biggest was a missing chair. It also hasn’t crashed on me yet in 55 hours. Where as the predecessor Fallout 3 by that time would have crashed well over a dozen times. The wasteland hasn’t sunk at all, or buildings haven’t become invisible as well which again makes New Vegas less buggy than Fallout 3. Frame rate has also kept stable for most of the time.
    All in all a great RPG, I think I have enjoyed the game more than Fallout 3 as well :) BUY IT.

    • And you got stuck on a certain part because you didn’t know how to change the diffcutly. ;)

      • I was just forgtetting that. Marks down for the menu and tutorials, no indication of where the difficulty is.

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