Assassin’s Creed III Liberation Screens Are Quite Exciting

With each passing day, I’m getting more and more burst-at-the-seams excited for Assassin’s Creed III. Most of that excitement is, I confess, for the core game that features Connor. That said, I think that the idea behind Liberation, the PlayStation Vita spin off, is a good one. It’s set at the same time, with a female assassin operating in and around New Orleans. At that time, New Orleans was changing hands between the French and Spanish colonists and played a massively important role in trade routes out of and in to the New World.

The Vita game isn’t intended as a mainline feature of the story – as with Desmond’s ancestral memories in the HD console game. It’s a product created by Abstergo to demonstrate that things in history are not always as they seem – there are grey areas.

Anyway, that’s all for another time. Today’s excitement comes from these three screenshots which show Aveline using her whip, piloting a canoe and cavorting with a French aristocrat.



  1. They’ve got to be renders, surely? Obviously the resolution won’t be the same, but surely the detail there isn’t real time?! This is how you do it, Nihilstic!

    • Detail looks great like with Golden Abyss!

    • they might, potentially, have been touched up a bit (sometimes assets are) but they don’t show any obvious signs and they came through at the Vita’s native resolution of 960x544px so if I had to guess, I’d say they’re genuine screens but pulled from dev units rather than the Vita itself (which would have Hud elements, I assume?)

      • Very cool then. Especially surprising that they managed, potentially, to get it running at native resolution.

  2. Looks as though seduction will be another weapon in the protagonist’s arsenal. Would actually be pretty smart if this was some sort of in-game mechanic.

    • it looks like she’s bribing the guy in that picture, there seems to be a bag changing hands.

  3. This game is making me seriously think about getting a Vita….

  4. If those are ingame graphics, I’ll be thoroughly amazed. Can’t wait to get this for my Vita.

  5. The wait is getting longer. Not sure if I’m gonna get both AC games at the same time though.

  6. Already pre-ordered both games on PS Store. The hard part will be to figure out what game to play first. Kind of wish they’d release these at least a month apart:p These two along with both versions of NFS Most Wanted releasing in the same week, I wonder if we could add more hours to the day:p

    • Wait, there’s coming a Vita Version of Most Wanted? I did not know this.

      • Yes, day and date with the other versions, and the XP you get in one version, counts for the other versions as well. I believe that includes PS3, 360, Vita and iOS (not sure about Android).

      • I didn’t know about the XP thing, now I want it on PS3 AND PSV…

  7. this will be on my want list for sure, dragging batman 2 out at the mo

  8. Very nice screens but the trailers we have seen dont look as nice as these, thats not gonna stop me from getting it.

  9. I’m having a hard time believing this is in-game visuals, looks too good. No jagged edges, even on the shadows. I’m really looking forward to playing this.

  10. looks too good to be true (3 words with double “o”, how nice), these must be kick-ass renders :)

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