Rayman Legends Receives the Gamescom Trailer Treatment

Rayman Legends is shaping up to be a great game, if the latest Gamescom trailer is anything to go by. It’s a Wii U exclusive, and it looks to be a launch title too, with a Christmas 2012 release date.

The trailer focuses on the Wii U GamePad features, with this player doing everything they can to assist the other platformers, using both the touch and tilt controls to move platforms, barriers and even tickle larger enemies to distract them.


It also shows off the refined art-style, which looks brilliant,  along with the platforming which looks as good as ever.



  1. I thought this was getting a Vita version?

  2. Just me that thinks this game looks a bit worse then Orgins?(graphics). Or have they just changed a bit of the style?

    • it doesn’t look a “bit” worse its more of the same thing but with a different style plus visual effects.

    • Origins was cartoony in its visual style, this is more like a painting.

  3. probably go for a Wii U to play this and the Wii game’s I’ve missed only if the store was improved and that bought content didn’t disappear more like a download list…..

    Most importantly it depends if all of the retro games that appeared on the Wii shop channel is also on the Wii U…

    • Also.. have Nintendo even priced it yet? why the silence if its out in Christmas this year? surely its about time it was announced.

      • Nothing yet. Really don’t get why they have it all so secret.

      • Rumors are floating around that it will be around 299$.

  4. It looks shit with that big green hand all over the screen.

  5. Would trade Vita’s AC Liberation for this one.

  6. I don’t get it, are you meant to play on the pad screen or watch the TV? You can’t do both.

    I don’t like the style they have gone for either.

    • 4 players play the game normally (wii remotes/controllers) watching the TV, while the 5th player uses the tablet to move the environment, etc. Looks really well done and obviously has a huge focus on co-op play.

      • ah right I see now, that makes sense. Well if thats the case then it sounds brilliant, I love a bit of co-op.

  7. At the moment this is the only reason I want a Wii U… until they showw off a new Zelda…

  8. ZombiU, Rayman and Lego City Stories. Its going to be hard holding myself back getting one of these when it comes out :( lol

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