Routine: The Horror Game Dead Space Should Have Been?

Amnesia is said to be one of the scariest games you can play – far too scary for us, anyway.

And whilst creeping around in the dark is something best left to professionals, this new game – Routine – looks like it has taken the basic premise behind Dead Space and turned it into a first person perma-death monster.


“Routine is a first person horror exploration game set on an abandoned Moon base,” says the official blurb. “Your job is to find enough data to uncover the truth behind the strange disappearance of everyone stationed on the Lunar Research Station.”

The developers promise a “non linear experience” as well as full body awareness, deadzone aiming, no HUD, no health bars or points system.

And if you were in any doubt, it’s even set in the 80’s.



  1. “no HUD, no health bars or points system”

  2. Hmmm – Set in the 80’s eh?

    Not sure how scary it’s going to be with Duran Duran playing in the background.

    Although, there is the horror of ‘the mullet’ to consider…

  3. PC only or….?

  4. Dead space is for a much wider audience, and so it wouldn’t be wise to make it something like this. I certainly wouldn’t buy such a hardcore game, because I see a limit to how hardcore a game can be and fun at the same time. This looks great for ‘true’ horror fans though!

  5. looks as though it could be nice. Played amnesia the other day on a night flight with my headphones on. Apparently screaming on a packed flight is not the best thing to do

    • I was wondering who was the hysterical man that woke me up on theat bloody flight.

  6. This looks very good,however i can barely get through dead space so i think i will give it a miss if its even scarrier.

  7. I reckon “PermaDeath” could be an awesome addition to modern gaming.

    My scariest gaming experience EVER was playing Resident Evil on the PS1 with a group of mates and NO memory card! The result of this was that the tension increased in direct correlation with the time played. The longer we played the more terrified we were. The sound of unseen shuffling, a storage crate, opening the door to the next room, every decision we made was fraught with an ubemeivable sense of dread. The snake got us in the end and hours of the game was lost.

    Great days.

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