There’ll Be Over 100 PS One Games Coming To PS Vita

Despite only really showing the boxart for a smattering of PS One titles during recent conferences, Sony’s commitment to providing a wide range of old school gaming for the PS Vita goes well beyond what we’d been thinking.

Whilst this isn’t just opening up the portable to every single PlayStation game, there will – according to the platform holder itself – be over 100 games available. Naturally, this doesn’t mean they’ll all be there day one, but over the coming months and years we’re hoping that Sony pick out the very best, and stay true to that “classic” subtitle.

Playback of PS One titles starts very soon, and you’ll need to grab the latest firmware to make it happen, once it lands next week.

Sony has yet to confirm which games will make the launch of the new service, but hopefully we can expect Metal Gear Solid soon enough.



  1. Time for me to try out classic games then.

  2. Is it just me that can’t get too excited over PS1 games anymore?

    • Nope!

      Backwards compatibility is a nice bonus, but it doesn’t really interest me, and I never understood the mentality that says “I won’t buy this great new system until it can play 15-year-old games.”

      • I think they’ll (possibly) look better on a smaller screen but upscaling PSone titles to a large screen really doesn’t work, same for PS2 – unless they’ve had the “HD treatment.”

  3. I bought MGS from the PSN sale last week in preparation for this. I can’t stop spending money on PSN downloads of games I already have have on disc.

  4. Adventures of Barbie, Tarzan 2, Hanglider X and Xtreme Fishing. Grrrrrreat!! :-p

  5. Trying to think what ps1 titles I’d want.
    Resi series, THPS2, Gran Turismo 1&2, good start for portable gaming.

  6. I hope the Red Alert PS One Classic I bought ages ago works!

  7. oh dear my poor poor 4gb card is going to have a fit

  8. I hope all the FF titles are supported from day 1. Bought them during the sale in anticipation of this update.

  9. Downloaded FF V & VII, Resident Evil, Silent Hill & Metal Gear Solid in preparation. I’ve never played any of them and really looking forward. Which one first!?

    • Silent Hill. Such a atmospheric game suitable for a dark, rainy day like today.

      • Thanks, I think i’ll start with that then. Can’t bear playing it on PS3 so just bona wait until next week for the Vita Patch.

  10. judging on their current use of classic when talking about these ps1 and 2 games, that could mean an awful lot of shovelware.

    lots of shovelware and no Legend of Dragoon. >_<

    • Legend of Dragoon! Now there’s a game I’ve always wanted to play.

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