Wonderbook To Feature Toy Story And The Muppets

Disney’s involvement with Wonderbook was merely mentioned during last night’s Gamescom press conference, but we’ve learnt today that both Toy Story and The Muppets will feature.

Building considerably on top of its E3 debut, Wonderbook now feels much more substantial and weighty, the included Book of Spells (from J.K. Rowling) will be bolstered by detective story Diggs Nightcrawler and content from the BBC which includes Walking With Dinosaurs.


“Wonderbook takes the simple concept of a storybook and creates a multi-dimensional experience that brings stories to life right in your living room,” said Michael Denny, President of SCE Worldwide Studios Europe.

Other Disney products are expected.



  1. Disney’s involvement also allows for Marvel content… That could be really cool for a slightly older crowd.

    • Older crowd? I want to play Book of Spells and Walking with Dinosaurs.

      • ha, Dinosaurs, maybe but I’m probably all Rowling’d out after the Potter books.

      • Also Diggs Nightcrawler!

  2. Yay… muppets
    Nay… No room

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