First Shots Of Need for Speed: Most Wanted On Vita and Mobile/Tablet

Via a post on the official Need for Speed blog, EA has released the first media for the handheld and mobile versions of this year’s title, including a first glimpse of how the game will transfer over to the Vita. It looks great.


The shot above is of the Vita version (click to embiggen!), developed in-house by Criterion. “The whole of Fairhaven City, all the events and modes and of course, all the cars will be squeezed onto Sony’s tiny box of tricks plus a sprinkling of exclusive events just for Vita players. Because we love you,” says the company.

“At Criterion Games, we’ve always taken pride in delivering a cutting edge experience that really pushes the hardware. On Vita we’re pushing the system as far as it goes with a large-scale, open-world driving game and incredible-looking cars. You can even swipe the back of the screen to switch songs with EA Trax.”

The other shots in the gallery below are from the mobile/tablet versions (presumably for iOS), which is a “completely different game inspired by the concept of becoming the Most Wanted but tailored specifically to give you the most from your touch-screen hardware”. It’s in development at regular NFS mobile team Fire Monkey. “It’s everything you’d expect from those guys – fun handling, amazing graphics and all your favorite Most Wanted cars,” says EA.

Dates for the handheld and mobile versions are yet to be confirmed, but Criterion are hoping to have them out roughly around the same time as the main console release at the end of October.




  1. Looks pretty damn sweet.

    However, considering how I’ve been longing for a game like this since Burnout I’ll probably end up getting the PS3/360 version. That’s unless Criterion somehow manages to match the game’s overall quality on Vita.

  2. I really hope this becomes part of cross buy. Would make this an instant purchase, if that was the case.

    • Yeah, I hope games like this and Fifa get involed in Sony’s cross but initiative because they would benefit from it and save me from spending £ 80 on two versions of the same game.

    • The only way I would get both versions is with cross buy, or maybe if the second copy was at a reduced price.

  3. Great title for Vita to have, especially as its open world, and the PSP Need for Speed games were always pretty decent! I’ll probably get this or the WRC rally game.

  4. Looks good’

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    • Forget that, it must be just my browser as other people seem to be able to post comments (I’m using Chrome)
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  5. I got excited at the inclusion of the mobile version in the same article, but to hear its a completely different game is disappointing. The NFS iOS games are good, but a miniaturised port of the Vita version would have been absolutely stellar I’m sure. That aside, this is the game that might pursuade me to get a Vita, it looks brilliant :)

  6. Yay! Firefly!

  7. Developed in-house by Criterion? I’ll definitely pick this up.

  8. Looks good, might actually grab this when it comes out.

    I hope they do a demo for the Vita before it comes out.

  9. Ooh. Now I really want it on both ps3 and vita, but I’m not sure if I’ll actually play it on two different consoles.

  10. Screens look great, hope to see some video footage but i expect good things from Criterion!

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