Community Chronicle: 19/08/12

It’s been a busy week thanks to Gamescom and partly as a result of this, this edition of the Community Chronicle is somewhat subdued.

A little bit of a grab bag this week, because nobody had sent anything in! So, after an appeal on The Twitter, we have a whole host of things.

First up, the main man himself, Big P! He’s sent in his gaming shelf, featuring a pair of Xbox 360s, a PS3, a Wii and a nice wireless headset. Notice all those bits of paper and jewel cases? Well that’s super secret review and debug code, which he can’t talk about. This isn’t all, though, since he has a whole host of handhelds, a 360 with a Kinect and a debug PS3 in other rooms.

Great stuff, but if you’re a racing game fan, CarBoyCam is back with a recent addition to his set up, the Dirt 3 edition PlaySeat and Logitech G27 wheel. Apparently Sackboy insisted on modelling it for you all but he might be a little short to get the best out of it. Cam, if you remember, does a fair bit of sim racing on PC, but also notes that it works great for GT5 and F1 2011. Just not 360…

Finally, I leave you with one of my favourite displays from Gamescom. A great big water feature to advertise Guildwars 2.

That’s just a little bit cool, right?

Must be all this hot weather but it doesn’t feel like there’s been too much going on.

Well, Crazy_Del has done a little checking on the fastest Platinum board, finding that he actually had the fastest time for not one, not two, but eight games! The only new one of those being PES 2010, mind.

Samiro05 also added an entry on the board for Risen 2, whilst R1MJAW ploughed through Sound Shapes in just about 10 hours for a dual Platinum (one for PS3 and one for Vita). Sounds like a good game, if it’s that addictive!

Rude Awakening’s slowly been plugging away at Deus Ex: Human Revolution to earn the Platinum, Colmshan likewise for Lego Harry Potter and Uncharted: Golden Abyss on Vita. KeRaSh got his Stranger’s Wrath Platinum a few hours ago, too.

Finally, though, a little plug once more for Youles’ efforts on the LittleBigPlanet front. His efforts seem to have rallied sack-fans around, for play time, hearting and meets, so if you fancy joining in the communal effort, head here and say hello.

Last week’s poll was won handily by PoorPaddy quoting Of Mice and Men at Steven. He’s got a “Glove fulla vaseline!”

Unfortunately, the thumbs up functionality had to be turned off for the time being, because it was throwing up issues. So, with no way to track what people have liked, there won’t be a Comment of The Week poll this week, and we’ll have to wait and see about next week.

Al goes away for 5 minutes, and things start falling apart!

Until next time, then. I leave you with the submission form for Rigs and Achievements:

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  1. Thanks for including it, Tef. ;) :P Sackboy loves you! XD After seeing Big P’s matte 360, I now realise it looks much nicer than the shiny one I have. :P

    • That seat is cool

    • At first glance, I thought that I’d seen a T500 wheel and pedals, the eyes are getting worse!
      Really nice set up…….GT6 ready!

  2. It looks at though CarBoyCam has just gone and stolen an arcade machine for his new playseat! Looks great.

    • The car seat is indeed awesome! I wish my other half would let me have one… wait a minute, I have a loft with a power socket….

  3. Maybe one day my console shelf will be tidy and well dusted and look nice but it won’t be any day soon :(

    • It looks like your making some kind of domino rally with games consoles!

      • haha, there’s not enough room to keep them horizontally and there’s no way I’m risking putting anything on top of an Xbox 360 – it’ll melt through the shelf!

  4. Thanks for the additional plug Teflon, it does seem like LBP has had some increased traffic this week across the TSA community!! Until I made my level, I didn’t realise the potential LBP has, it’s a much better game than I realised due to the creation aspect. No wonder there are still loads of people playing it online.

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