Albodi Is This Week’s Wrath Of Heroes Newcomer

Officially unveiled last Friday Albodi, the Chosen of Chaos, will be joining Wrath of Heroes’ ever-growing cast of combatants as part of tomorrow’s update.

[drop2]Albodi originally featured during later beta testing though BioWare Mythic has confirmed a number of significant chances for the character, similar to Korelei and other pre-existing heroes. Best described as an all-round powerhouse the champion of Chaos is heavily armoured, his abilities centred around high damage as well as snare and root effects to reduce the mobility of enemy targets.


What makes Albodi stand out from the rest of the pack is his unique passive ability (constant ability that require no activation). When in close proximity of the axe-wielding behemoth enemies won’t be able to dodge attacks, a significant debuff against agile characters such as Aessa and Korelei. However, there is a another side to the coin; all attacks against Albodi have a 20% chance of turning into area damage, making him a prime target for players confident with the game’s inner workings.

Source: Wrath of Heroes