Capcom Shows Off Almost Half An Hour Of DmC Combat

Among the third party publishers that attended this year’s Gamescom Capcom has proven to be one of the strongest and most diverse, wowing with its newest IP, Remember Me, whilst building confidence in revamped franchises such as Lost Planet and of course, Devil May Cry.


Developed by Ninja Theory, the same studio behind 2010’s Enslaved and the somewhat fondly-remembered Heavenly Sword, DmC may nurture a new aesthetic appeal though -as you will see above- the experience is still centred around rapid, combo-heavy gameplay.

DmC is expected to launch in early next January, making it one of 2013’s first anticipated AAA titles.



  1. Looking forward to both this and lost planet3.

  2. Capcom get a lot of hate (rightfully so in some ways given their view on DLC) but I have to say I love their overall approach at the moment.
    Rather than releasing a couple of misleading CGI trailers and not a lot else, they are advertising their new games with stacks of in-game footage so you know exactly what you will be getting. I like that a lot.
    Plus they are actually taking a few risks with some new IPs (Dragons Dogma, Remember Me). In a generation of sequels its quite refreshing to see :)

    • it is nice to see new IP’s from Capcom since they’ll be quite interesting, Dragons Dogma could be a fantastic series if it ever gets a sequel on PS4/xbox and Remember me could certainly be one of the last great Multi-platform games so nice that Capcom are publishing that… hopefully it ends up to be great.

      It’s much better than giving franchises to other devs considering Resident Evil: RC was abyssal and…. while DMC may seem decent I just dislike the idea of it being rebooted in such a way. *Vergil….. cringes* so I’m not caring about it.

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