WeView Verdict: Fallout: New Vegas

If you have even a passing knowledge of the current affairs of the videogame scene, you’ll already know what to expect from the round up of our community’s views on a modern Fallout game. It can be concisely summed up as “A bit buggy but bloody brilliant anyway.”

Of course, you lot are much more vociferous than that so let’s have a little look at what some of you said about Bethesda’s desert-based tale of vengeance and post-apocalyptic adventuring.

Amid pointing out the bugs and presentation issues, LTG Davey notes that it was one of the only RPGs that he was compelled to keep playing. His particular highlight was “getting kicked out of the various casinos for winning too much roulette.”

On the subject of setting, Nocure-fd puts it quite eloquently, saying that the game “does a wonderful job of evoking a post apocalyptic world of an alternate reality.” They also point out the quality in the soundtrack saying that they hum along to it when one of the songs comes on in the car.

Possibly TSA’s biggest Fallout fan (he certainly bangs on about it more than anyone else), The Lone Steven, believes that the plot of New Vegas is superior to that of Fallout 3, particularly once you get into Vegas itself. That’s a view backed up by heedbaw, who says he found it less “dry” than Fallout 3 and also praised the increased vibrancy in the colour palette.

Perhaps the most balanced approach was from megamoppy, who notes several flaws or opportunities for improvement:

There are a few elements that let it down, a few examples being invisible walls on the world map, cluttered inventory (A Crafting tab would’ve done wonders to remove weapon shells and powders and such), increasingly glitchy quests…

A big minus is also the enemy difficulty when some enemies can take multiple weapon magazines to the head and still not die , also hardcore mode was disappointing as all it really did was add a few progress bars to the stat menu with no real interesting impact on gameplay.

That’s all before pointing out that those negatives pale in comparison to the good points and that the game was “endearing”.

Plenty of you noted that you’d played for around 30 hours, with blast71 putting in a rather specific 93 hours and heedbaw giving it a massive 200 hours of play time with the regular version before adding another 100 hours with the Ultimate Edition and its included DLC.

The unanimous verdict of all who left a rating was that you should Buy It, especially as the game’s age means it’s likely to be cheap these days. Add to that the length of time people managed to play this for and you’ve got a fantastic value proposition.

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  1. @Heedbaw take it you got the Plat?

    • And 100% with all those hours!

  2. I was waiting to see the results, hardly surprising! Having 100% Fallout 3 back in June, I’ve considered this ever since. This might have just convinced me to go get the Ultimate Edition very soon :D

  3. Dammit, missed voting for this! I liked it, but took me ages to get into it. In fact I bought it for PS3 and barely touched it, then picked it up off Steam with DLC for a pittance. When I finally got into it it was fantastic, and only put it down because other games came out that I was gagging for.

    Personally I think 3 was better; I came across a lot fewer bugs than most, it seems, and I just bloody loved it. New Vegas is great though in its own right, and can likely be picked up for a bargain now.

  4. 93hours 21mins 56secs to be more specific :p

  5. Me mentioning Fallout the most? Bah what utter nonsense. *goes back to play with his working pipboy 3000 as well as wearing the armoured Vaultsuit.* What?

    Anyway, Fallout:NV is worth playing if you loved Fallout 3 or any Fallout game. But i would advise disabling Autosave as it reduces lag somehow. And if you are getting the PC version, get the unoffical patch as i’ve heard it fixes most of the bugs that F:NV has. Oh and avoid going down to Quarry Junction as it is home to 20-30 deathclaws. I think. Tis been a while since i’ve played NV. Deathclaws are one of the toughest enemies in the game and will kill any low level courier. In fact, they are a threat to high level couriers as due to how much damage they can do within a few swipes of their claws. And that can just be one deathclaw. I would advise using the Anti-Material rifle and snipe them from a safe distance. The Guass Rifle due to it’s knock down abiltiy or the riot shotgun due to it being a rapid fire shotgun as well as it doing a lot of damage. If you have the UE then get the shotgun knock down perk as it will make all of your battles easier.

    Oh and avoid Cazardors from the begining untill you feel that you can take them on as they are utter bastards to kill. Oh and don’t try going all rambo on the legion when you encounter them first as chances are you will be a low level with low level equipment and will die a few times. However, it is possible to wipe them out of Nipton but it will make traveling a bit harder due to their hitsquads which level with you. And try to avoid leaving piles of goo behind you as bloody obsidian forgot to make them disappear over time thus building up your file size and increasing the amount of lag. And the diffculty setting is located under the gameplay option in options. If you are going to play on Hardcore mode, make sure you always have a few doctor bags with you as stimpaks don’t heal your limbs and they work over time instead of being instant. Level up your survival stat as it will enable you to make meals that help to reduce your food,sleep and water meters. Oh and there is a very easy way to win the caravan mini game. You only need to use 7,8 and 9 and most of the time you will win. Although it may be 6,7 and 8 as i can’t remeber it. You probably want to watch Roosterteeth’s how to win at caravan video as that is where i learnt how to win at caravan. What? I was bored and it was a random video.

    I think i may have got a bit carried away. So anyway, tis a game worthy of your collection but it will crash on you at some point due to Gamebryo being used.

    • Very informative sir! Thanks to you, and all the weviews, I went out and bought the Ultimate Edition. You better hope I like it!

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