Borderlands Comic Series Planned For November

IDW Publishing will be running a four-part comic mini-series later this year, set in the bullet-riddled universe of Gearbox Software’s Borderlands 2.

Dubbed Borderlands: Origins, the series will be written by original Borderlands lead writer, Mikey Neumann and will help lay the groundwork for its panel of lead [email protected]


For the millions and millions of fans of the smash-hit video game Borderlands, a lingering question exists: how did the Vault Hunters get on the bus with Marcus in the first place? Find out how Roland got on the bus with Mordecai, Lilith, and Brick in this exciting look at the soldiers of the Crimson Lance and what made him leave their ranks and search for the Vault. Surprises abound in the first part of a four-issue series chronicling where Borderlands began!

Origins is set to launch in November with Borderlands 2 scheduled for a September release on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Source: Newsarama



  1. Sweet. Will the comics be released in printed forms or will it be a digital thing? It’s weird to release this after BL2 comes out, though.

    • from IDW i’d guess both will be options.

  2. Nice, will look forward to this since borderlands is an awesome game. Can’t wait for this or Borderlands 2

  3. Not knocking this, but i can honestly say that i couldn’t give a toss how they got on that bus!

    The main part for me was that they got off it & you were then one of them in a great game.

    • yeah but if you’ve played the game, and finished it, you know that story.
      at least this will be something new.

      still, i would have expected something to bridge the first game and the sequel, rather than a prequel to the original game.

      • Yeah, in a roundabout way, that was kind of what i meant – Something like that would be more favourable.

        Additionally, what i also meant was that the part of the story they are referencing, isn’t really necessary for someone like me that understood enough of the story in order to really enjoy the game. Which i did.

        Although i suspect that the bit you mentioned will probably be covered at the beginning of the new game anyway, so am back to my initial point! :D

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