EA Announcing Something BIG This Week

The EA Australia Twitter account has posted a teaser image with the a comment saying “Something BIG is coming…more details this week.”


However, the Twitter account has followed up by saying the reveal isn’t a game, franchise, movie, label, studio or console, so any thoughts of a release regarding a classic title from the old EA BIG label should probably be ruled out.  It could be nothing major but we’ll keep you updated as soon as we find out anything.

Source: Twitter



  1. Mirror’s Edge 2?

    • “the reveal isn’t a game, franchise, movie, label, studio or console” ;)

      • so its Mirrors Edge 2 then?

  2. That image looks a little like dead space, not sure what makes me think that. Perhaps some overpriced DLC? :-)

  3. Looks like a Bond logo…

  4. “Project Twelve Dollar”, the inflation boosted sequel.

  5. Day zero, one & two DLC announcement for Warface Bulletshooter or whatever it’s called.

  6. Is it all future EA titles will be available through Origin only and Origin is to start streaming games? *shudders* Does look like a fantasy or sci-fi title logo. Oh god, it’s not a FPS ME game is it? I know they said it’s not a game or film etc.. but i can see them turning around and going, we lied, it is a game after all.

  7. Online Pass 2

  8. Hopefully it’s the rumoured sale of EA mentioned in an article here last week!

  9. I can make out the word play at the end, and the EA logo in the centre, looks a little like the letters BSO at the start.
    But with all they have ruled out, what the hell else is there that it could possibly be?!

    It looks like a new logo but they say its not a game or a label etc?!

    • scratch that, the o is part of the logo! Is it a dollar sign in front of it?

  10. Looks like the way their logo was for the Harry Potter games.
    Or am I just being confused?

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