Jet Set Willy Coming to Xbox 360

It seems like, while Tuffcub and Alex are both away, I’m finding the news they’d usually jump on. Earlier, it was something to do with those robot toys Tuffcub loves so much and now, it’s a blocky Speccy game with a plinky soundtrack that Alex would love.

Jet Set Willy, one of the most famous ZX Spectrum games, is coming to Xbox 360 as an Indie game. It’ll also be released on Windows Phone. The press release says that it’s the “near-100% original ZX Spectrum game, as written by Matthew Smith in 1984 and is being brought to Xbox Live Indie Games as an officially licenced product.”


It sounds very much like this is a port of the version that made the leap to iOS last year. It’s by Elite Systems and it’ll be out this weekend. It will also have an “infinite lives” option, which is cheating.

Source: Press release



  1. Yeeeeeeees!

    The 360 version of Manic Miner was awesome.


  2. An infinite lives option? That may well be cheating, but playing the game in anything other than the way it was originally intended 28 years ago is also cheating.

    So the infamous Attic Bug will soon take care of the infinite lives cheaters.

    Or does “near-100%” mean they’ve left that feature out?

    I’m sad enough to remember the number 35899 from 28 years ago too.

  3. I’d love too see this on PS3 too. I hope Matt Smith gets lots and lots of royalties for this :)

  4. Oh the good ole days….

  5. I’d love to play this again, but I can’t imagine playing over and over. Nostalgia Is great but give me ME3, etc for continued playability.

  6. Just been playing Chuckie Egg on the Atari Jaguar, that was funky enough for me!

  7. I hope it comes with the crazy colour chart, just to play it as well. And what would be fab would be the spawn point off a ledge so you can plummet to your plinky noise death again and again and, well, to infinity.

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