Sony Patents Playable Adverts With Online Social Hooks

Sony appears to have patented a slightly odd new way to play social games online. The patent is for a “system for converting television commercials into interactive networked video games”. It refers to broadcast or streamed commercials and allows for traditionally inserted adverts like commercial breaks but also makes mention of adverts overlaid on television programs. So you can wipe the beads of moisture from an ice cold Coke while watching the latest gratuitous rutting in Game of Thrones.

The patent mentions the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 as potential platforms but the illustrations are all of the PlayStation 3, PS Eye and Move. Shame, it would have been hilarious to see them launch something like this on the PS2.


There are a number of illustrations along with the claim, uncovered by the GameNMotion blog. In one, a user appears to be using Move to steer a car around a track for Domino’s Pizza while in others, the social aspect is reflected by choosing burger fillings. Collaboratively. Over the internet.

It appears to be used to select types of content using voice input, vote in polls and interact with object inside TV programs so you can shoot (birds, in the illustration) at things on the screen. Coronation Street might be watchable again if I can nudge someone’s pint off the bar in The Rovers.

Oh, and there’s an illustration which implies that it’s possible to make us “say McDonalds to end commercial”. That idea can jog on immediately.

Source: GameNmotion



  1. Guess it’s better than sitting there losing brain cells to the various insurance adverts, but I am NOT saying “McDonalds” to end a freaking advert.

  2. mroe adverts. Soon we wont have programmes, just adverts to watch. Although going by the state of TV these days, it would probably be more interesting.

    • It’s not far off that now.
      It used to be advert breaks in programmes, now it’s more like a programme breaks between adverts.

  3. Love the way the guy jumps up off his seat to shout ‘McDonalds’. I don’t think I’d get that excited.

  4. Carpet Bomb the Deal or no Deal studio and if Edmonds survives, stick him in one of those boxes! Then enjoy a tasty KFC as a reward for your good work :P

  5. Dead @ throw pickle in burger to speed up advertising! Good God….

  6. “Get ripped in 3 weeks by doing non-stop sit ups with the Move controller!”

  7. Alternatively to stop the adverts you could just return the console to the store for a full refund.

  8. Sounds pretty similar to the ‘interactive’ ads you get on some websites – like where you have to guide the flow of Gaviscon to the stomach and crap like that. I wouldn’t think you’ll get any more adverts than you do now, just that there will be little playable segments in them.

  9. Fuck me, you think our ad breaks are bad?…have a look over to America.

  10. gratuitous rutting?

    now i really wanna see that show.

    i’m sure sure i’m entirely sure how this would work, or if it would be a total pain in the arse or not.

    if they want an interactive ad to work, make one where you get to use various weapons on that guy from the Go Compare ads, if it’s good enough for Sue Barker, it’s good enough for me. ^_^

    • so, just to be clear, you’re sure?

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