Vita’s Everybody’s Golf Coming To PS3

[drop2]According to Famitsu this week, the PS Vita game Everybody’s Golf will drop its Vita exclusivity and move to the PS3.

The game will be cross-play compatible and will also support the Move controller.


Hopefully it’ll also see an update in its resolution, one of my only issues with the Vita game was the poor upscaling which made everything rather blurry and fuzzy.

We reviewed the Vita game back in February, scoring it 7/10.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush next?



  1. This is good news, really enjoying it right now though I have to say its starting to get really tough in the last few matches…

    • Totally agree. Got to the silver stages now and even then difficulty curve ramps up faster than a train networks annual prices. Good game though and makes me wonder why EA haven’t released a Tiger Woods for the Vita. Surely an easy cheapish port for some reasonable sales?

  2. Given the game’s lifespan, I don’t think losing exclusivity will put much of a dent in the Vita’s sale prospects. Not sure I’d say the same if this was Gravity Rush or Golden Abyss, mind you.

  3. Hmm, I don’t suppose that because I have the digital version of EG, that I’ll be able to download the PS3 version for free?

    • I’m hoping for this, but I don’t think it’ll happen.

      • Sony have been very generous with cross-buy, so it’s certainly not outside the realms of possibility.

      • Indeed, the main reason I think they won’t is since it’ll be slightly unfair on the people who purchased the retail version. Who knows!

  4. So does this version have trophies? I ask as i seem to recall hearing the original PS3 EG didn’t.

    • It will. The old one was released way before trophies were made mandatory, and didn’t get them patched in.

      • Yeah, i thought that be that case. Aarrr.

        Thanks for the confirmation tef.

  5. Well this probably is good for EG, however if it was one of the bigger titles like Uncharted I dont think it’d b a good move. People will just not get a Vita because they’d think the title will b available on ps3 at some point, a bit like gta stories on psp which were ported-looking a little bad- to ps2 after San Andreas….

    • I agree – it would not be good for us Vita owners.

  6. Excellent. I remember Everybody’s Golf on the PS1. So addictive, could never get past the one with the beard, Buzz? Can’t remember. This is good though, probably a PSN release?

  7. 7/10 is far to low a score imo,its a great game. Hopefully us Vita owners will get it for free as i foot think id shell out 20 odd quid for it again.

  8. Replace foot for don’t in my last post. Predictive text makes me look silly once again.

  9. Don’t think its much of a big deal, game is already like £11.99 or something.

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