Heavenly Sword 2 Concept Art Appears

Remember Heavenly Sword? That had a strong female lead and kept many PS3 owners slashing their way through the early, quiet days of new console ownership. It’s odd that there hasn’t been a sequel yet, right? Nariko seemed, for a while, like she was going to become a “face” for the PlayStation brand.

Well, new concept art has leaked out and appeared on AGB. As usual, there’s no explanation or source, just an image dump and a headline explaining what they are.


Looks good, huh?



  1. Heavenly Sword was/is one of my favourite PlayStation exclusives. It also came at the right time given there was sod all to play on the PS3 at the time lol. Shame it was only a few hours long :(

    • That is actually something that i have considered before though – Was it actually as good as we remember, or was it that there was actually no real competitor to it at the time?

      I have wondered how it would fare if released at the same sort of time as say a Ninja Gaiden, or something similarly hacky & slashy. Perhaps even something like GoW, Castlevania or Dantes Inferno released at the same time might have impacted on it a little.

      Not a criticism on the game, just a little thought i had not so long back.

      • Tbh, i never completed the original but i’ve often thought there was enough there to warrant a sequel. The combat was quite satisfying if a little bit too challenging for my skillz.. Also they could leave out the archery bits.

      • I played through it again recently. It still is very good. Frame rate is a little all over the place at times, and it is very short, but it still holds up. The combat is really deep even though there’s not really a reason to explore it since mashing square and triangle in any order will get the job done most of the time. Also, this game is still one of the best looking on the PS3. If Ninja Theory does make a sequel, I’d like to see what they do with the combat after their work with Capcom on the the new DmC.

  2. I so wanted a sequel to this game, I consider this one of the best games of this generation.

    Some other information if people want to know that don’t already; a sequel was already in the works by Sony Cambridge but was cancelled as it wasn’t considered “economically viable” so I guess Sony’s assessment was that it wouldn’t make a return on investment. (also these concept artwork is quite old, this isn’t recently leaked but always nice to share to those who haven’t seen)

    As much as I’m upset there isn’t a sequel, I should be grateful that there hasn’t been a cheap sequel/successor that isn’t the same consistent quality as the first. It has to have the original cast doing the voice acting and motion-capture as it was executed so well. The facial animation on one scene with Kai talking to Nariko was so realistic, seeing minute facial expressions, seeing the little things that make things a little more realistic, a shame that many haven’t emulated the same quality.

  3. If I remember correctly the ending of Heavenly Sword didn’t leave much room for a direct sequel… I’d love one nonetheless!

  4. You had me at Anna Torv

  5. Narikooooooooo!

    Brilliant, I’ll look forward to this.

    • Would be nice if this was something to look forward to, but I have a feeling that instead it’s a release of old concept art from a canned game.

      • yep, it’s a new drop of old art from the canned project.

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