I Am Alive PC Release Date Confirmed

Ubisoft has announced that ‘I Am Alive’, the post apocalyptic adventure title will be releasing on PC on September 13th, for £11.99. Those who pre order the game will also receive the game ‘Bloody Good Time’ for free.

The PC release will have higher resolutions and more enhanced graphics than its XBLA & PSN counterparts. ‘I Am Alive’ PC will also include two new modes, Easy & Replay. Easy mode will allow players to have infinite retries and easier gameplay. Replay mode will allow players to replay any level of the game after initial completion.

The title, which originally released on XBLA and PSN in Spring of this year, was met with a mixed critical response. Our very own Kris gave I Am Alive a 4/10 in his review, writing that the “gameplay leaves you feeling a little underwhelmed.”

Source: Press Release


  1. I really enjoyed I Am Alive, loved everything about it especially the combat and climbing. Not worth £12 though, £8 at the most! Think that 4/10 was a little harsh, maybe a 6 could be a little more generous.
    Would actually like the replay mode to head over as an update to the PSN version. Could come in handy if I wanted to get the last few trophies.

  2. Good job Ubi! Call PC gamers a bunch of pirates then announce this game the day after.

    • Well, if you lot weren’t always talking about your ‘booty’… :)

  3. I enjoyed the demo on PSN, but never got round to buying it. Considering this will probably be the better version, I’ll just have to wait and hope it goes on sale at some point, I’m assuming it will be on Steam, right?

    • after Ubi just launched their own Uplay PC game storefront? Er… maybe?

  4. One of the best examples of survival gameplay and a tonne of fun to play. Shame most reviewers didn’t see that.

    • I agree LTG Davey. I bought this last week in the psn summer sale for 6 pound. started playing it on hard mode, i’m 3 hours in and only 22% completed. love the whole planning before a fight or a climb.

      No way those this game deserve a 4 (dont know what kris was smoking when he reviewed it) Edge gave it a 7 which is about right.

      • Agreed, a 7 sounds about right. Not a huge amount of replay value and some cruddy visuals spoil it a bit but still a solid downloadable title.

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