Shepard Takes The Plunge In Latest ME3 “Leviathan” Trailer

Mass Effect 3’s third major slice of singleplayer content is due to release next week on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, EA hyping the launch of its premium expansion with an all-new trailer depicting Shepard and the N7 posse.


Dubbed “Leviathan” the upcoming DLC will take place during the game’s mid-section as Shepard continues to scour the galaxy in order to sack the Reapers once and for all. Following a lead, Shepard discovers a human scientist searching for clues surrouding the death of her father, not to mention an ocean-covered planet and a mythical creature said to have felled a Reaper in ancient times.



  1. Unsure about this as my faith in Bioware is not that great as ME3 was not as good as it should have been. I mean it’s good but seems more shooter then RPG. Plus, i don’t think i would even get this if it does turn out to be good as i’m not playing ME3 any time soon.

    • Same here. I’ve been left pretty burned by Mass Effect 3 and that stupid god-awful ending. Really damaged my view of the entire universe and undermined the great work BioWare did to build some of the most memorable gaming characters in existence. An absolute shame.

      • I wouldn’t go that far, I loved the game up to the ending, was brilliant for 90% of the game.
        The only thing I didn’t like was the lack of squad choice compared to ME2. That game was the highlight of the series and indeed, pretty much any game trying to tell a story for me.

      • I agree with Yogdog, I thoroughly enjoyed Mass Effect 3. I preferred the second game, although I’d go a stage further and say I thought the ending, in it’s original format, was fine. I’d certainly call “stupid god-awful” an overreaction, presumably brought on by following popular opinion. But hey, who am I to argue with popularity?

        The game did feel more story-focused and restrictive than Mass Effect 2 (I can’t comment on ME1, as I’m PS3-only as far as the Mass Effect series is concerned), I missed larking around, mining planets at my leisure and wandering the galaxy doing side-quests – something with made ME2 so enjoyable for me, giving the game a more open-world-y feel.

        I suppose I came to terms with Mass Effect 3’s restrictive nature, with the lack of things to do beyond the story, and smaller crew (particularly the game’s treatment of characters returning from Mass Effect 2), by applying it to the bigger picture of Mass Effect’s story over three “episodes”.

        You’ve got the scene-setting pilot, ME1, (which I missed, but caught the recap), the story progression and character development episode, ME2, and the series finale, where arcs are completed, loose ends are tied up and the hero gets the girl (or guy, I’m open-minded), being ME3. Following that structure, ME2 has to be the free-form one, and ME3 has to be more focused on story. Based on that, I’m perfectly happy that Mass Effect 3 was fit for purpose.

    • The ending was weak and still is a bit weak but i consider the entire game as the ending to the ME3 trilogy so it is a good ending. But it did seem like ME3 was more shooter then RPG and that there were less character development with some of the new squadmates. Hell, i’m not even sure we can speak to Joker and just talk about random stuff via the dialogue wheel. And it seemed that the choices you made in the earlier games don’t matter due to some parts of the game happening either way.

      I would have preferred to be able to speak to my crew on the normandy as i like interacting with my companions in Bioware’s games. Bioware were going to use the Dark Energy ending original which actually sounds really interesting. I do think everyone overracted when they saw the endings we got in ME3 as i’ve seen worse. Such as Fallout 3’s ending that didn’t tie anything up and DA2 which also didn’t tie anything up.

      But i did enjoy ME3, it’s just that it’s not as good as it could have been and ME2 is probably the best in the series imo.(May change my opinion if i ever get around to doing ME1)

      • In terms of gameplay ME3 was the best in series, hands-down. However, that’s not why I was stoked about the final instalment in the trilogy.

        I was banking on BioWare to deliver an ending that would glorify the game’s cast of superb characters instead of short-changing them and leaving threads wide open.

        It’s sounds dramatic but upon finishing the game I was sapped of any interest in the series whatsoever. I know people have wildly different views but that’s how I feel.

  2. Third? I’m sure it’s the second with singleplayer content, and even that’s if you’re counting the From Ashes dlc on day 1.

    Won’t be grabbing this anytime soon; been replaying Skyrim again (431 hours and rising) and gonna go back to Borderlands now before 2 comes out. Possibly the only game I’ve been excited about this year.

    • It’s the third if you include the extended cut, but the second in terms of paid DLC. On point, i’m not sure if I’ll buy it, after finishing the game four times. I’ll probably be more focused on CS:GO, whenever it’s out in europe and Several other games I’ve yet to catch up on.

  3. I still need to pick this game up at some point especially after loving ME2 so much.
    The trailer looks good for this dlc though, I do like a bit of dlc that expands the single player experience.

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