The Seedy Underworld of Star Wars 1313

The planet of Coruscant might be the capital of the Galactic Republic and feature skyscrapers stretching kilometres high but that doesn’t mean it, like most capitals, doesn’t have a seedy underworld. In this developer diary, the Lucasarts team shows off some of the elements that make up this seething underbelly of the capital.

Most of the gameplay has been seen in previous trailers but we can see some of the fantastic concept art for the first time, along with the creative team detailing some of the narrative we can expect from this ridiculously good looking Star Wars action title.

Source: Star Wars YouTube



  1. Looks pretty sweet!
    Have we heard what platforms its coming out on yet?

    • PC is a dead cert, and it just depends whether it’s a cross-gen title or next-gen title for which consoles it’s on… I’d have thought.

      • Do you reckon its pencilled in for a way-off-in-the-future release then? I’m with you element, looks exciting!

      • Earliest I’d say would be Christmas ’13, if it really is a cross-gen title (Xbox 360, Durango, PS3 & PS4)

        I’m not sure how realistic a version for this gen would be though, especially the PS3 considering the PC, Xbox 360, Durango and probably the PS4 share the same PC-type architecture. This is probably why Bungie’s Destiny is defiantly not coming to PS3 and their first game is listed as only a ‘maybe’ for the PS4.

      • Ooops pressed submit too soon.

        If it’s not cross-gen then I’d say it would be pushed back until the next-gen install-base has grown a bit so maybe some time in 2014.

        All a guess though

      • There was heavy rumours from E3 that it would be on next gen consoles, I reckon it will be. Hopefully a launch title.

      • I believe both the 360 and the PS3 are capable of running SW:1313. As it doesn’t look like it’s very demanding in terms of gameplay. Obiviously, the graphics would have to be scaled back but i’ve only seen very little of this so chances are they have implented something that is too complex for both consoles to handle. I can see them releasing it for the 720 and PS4 if they are released within the next 2 years.

  2. ME2 may have spoiled me with regards to space epics but this sounds promising, hopefully a bit deeper than the usual arcade-feeling i get from Star Wars games.

  3. Wow, I can not wait to seem more of this game. looks very nice and shiny. The idea behind it is really cool too.

  4. Has it been said when this is set in the Star Wars timeline? Looked like some guys in there with scout trooper helmets.

  5. I can’t help but think of Uncharted whenever Star Wars 1313 is mentioned. I do hope there are a reasonable amount of set pieces instead of tonnes and that there is more to it then going from point 1 to point 2 whilst killing enemies. Of course, i can’t wait for Lucas to get them to edit the PC so that they shoot in self defence instead of being a cold blooded killer in a few years time. ;) I would have preffered a Star Wars RPG as it begs for another RPG. But this does look decent and hopefully will last a lot longer then SW:TFU2.

  6. Looks really cool. Will definitely get this.

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