Community Chronicle: 26/08/12

Well I have had a big week, filled with writing up a boat load of game previews and stuff. Oh, and butting my head against the brick wall that is Sound Shapes’ Death Mode. Love the game, but Death Mode is hard.

Sadly Comment of The Week is missing once more, but I have plans to bring it back next week no matter what. No matter, we start as always with a look at a cool gaming set up.

What could possibly top seeing the Governor’s set up last week? Peter’s just got a big shelf full of games consoles, and plenty more not on that shelf, too!

Well, TSA writer Matt W has sent in his own set up, and it’s pretty neat. OK, it’s very neat.

You’ve got yourself a perfectly arranged PS3 and X360 on the right hand side, a beefy PC on the left and an assortment of Apple devices and wireless headsets in the middle. Everything perfectly in its place. I wish I had something a bit neater like this!

Want to know what’s in that PC? Well, I’ll hand over to Matt to explain:

CPU is an i5 2500K, GPU is the nVidia (PNY) GTX680, I’ve got 8MB of DDR3 running at 1600, the case is a Corsair 500R, and the PSU is a modular 80-Plus Gold rated 750w unit. I’ve got an OZ 120GB SSD for my OS and current games, and a Seagate 1TB internal drive that I keep all my Steam games and other media backed up on.

The monitor is a 24-inch Asus running at 1920×1080 with a 2ms response time, the keyboard is the new Coolermaster CM Storm Trigger (with cherry mx brown switches), the mouse is a R.A.T. 7 with a SteelSeries pad.

The man knows what he likes! Good rig, this one.

If you too would like to show off your shiny gaming rig, or reveal a hugely messy pile of gaming junk, then head to the bottom of this page, where you can submit photos and/or tales of your gaming exploits.

Alright, this is more like it! We’ve got plenty stuff going on here.

First up, just a teensy bit of turn over on our Fastest Platinum boards. Firstly, a fairly slow burner from KeRaSh, who nabs the slot for Rayman Origins on PS Vita. Also, I’m rather remiss to have glossed over Samiro05 getting the Sleeping Dogs Platinum in double quick time last week. He’s not put his name down, as far as I’m aware, but I do believe his to be the fastest for this game!

All told, it’s supposed to be a rather epic 40 hour job to get there, if Freezebug’s tale of his own Sleeping Dogs Platinum is anything to go by. It’s not all about getting the trophies though, as LTG Davey proves by completing the Prototype 2 campaign in just two sittings. Similarly, BMG_123 has finished a run through of inFamous 2. About time, I say, that game is fantastic!

Youles and his quest to the LBP Platinum came to an end this week, thanks to a lot of help from community members to get there. He says thanks over in the What We Played comments, but getting a Platinum trophy is so often a lonely affair.

McProley braved the corridors of the Ishimura to get the Platinum from Dead Space, whilst Bambo_19 slinked through MGS3 for the shiny and is currently dangling from gargoyles in Arkham City as he closes in on the honours there too. BlackRedYellow was in a similarly stealthy mood for Sly Cooper 2, but is giving the third game a bit of breathing space. Well, it’s not like Sly 4 is out this year!

Not one to back away from a challenge, Element666 nailed the devilishly tricky Sound Shapes Death Mode to get the Platinum there, and the same for Gravity Rush. Rounding us out is Tobo_56, having gradually worked his way through last year’s hottest game, Skyrim.

Oh, but before we go, there’s always Steven Watch. Except this time it’s a message to our resident nut job. A simple Too Long, Didn’t Read! He practically wrote an essay of all his exploits this week!

Crazy man is crazy.

So, with Comment of the Week on a break again this time around, I leave you with the submission form for Rigs and Achievements:

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  1. now that is a really classy looking setup right there!!!
    that first picture is just awesome!! love it. *all four thumbs up*

  2. Great looking rig! Wish I had the room for a lovely shiny desk like that! In fact, what desk is that?

  3. That is a real top notch game set up, not many people will be able to boast having such a tidy looking rig. There’s even a wall space that could display a projector screen!!
    Thoroughly recommend Sleeping Dogs, one of those games that doesn’t come along too often that oozes quality in all departments!

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