Happy Wars Announced, Will Be Free To Play On XBLA

Microsoft has announced that Happy Wars, developed by Toylogic, will be a free to play title available to all Xbox LIVE Gold members, and it will release sometime this Autumn.


Happy Wars is described as castle siege/battle game which will be capable of hosting 30 player matches. Players will be able to customise characters, unlock new abilities, will feature online co op play and a single player campaign. Regular updates for the game have also been promised with new weapons and items.

Source: PlayXBLA



  1. so, it took them how long to get their own version of fat princess?

    • Quite some time. Hopefully the fact that it is free and likely to be stable online will make up for it all

  2. I like the look of this it seems more in depth than fat princess was and i played the hell out of that game when it was out.

  3. This just makes me want a sequel to Fat Princess. Don’t have a 360, but it looks fun.

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  5. could a member of staff please remove the comment up there ?
    it came out wrong?

  6. is this actual free to play or just a demo like that other so called free to play title on XBLA?

  7. Free to Play or just a free game?

    If the former expect micro-transactions coming outta your ass.

  8. 1000s of items makes me think it will be like team fortress with the buying of hats and other stuff, also the title being a oxymoron annoys me so much.

  9. Don’t mean to sound whiny but this isn’t completely F2P (if you factor in the monthly cost of XBL.)

    With that said I think this looks like a neat little game that will hopefully grab plenty of attention.

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