15 Minutes of Lost Planet 3 Shown Off (Video)

Capcom has released a video to show off Lost Planet 3. The fifteen minute video begins with the game’s most recent trailer but after that, it’s a gameplay demonstration hosted by Andrew Szymanski and played by Kenji Oguro.

The video shows off some of the new game mechanics, like the cover system, as well as the beautiful visuals and some really nice environmental effects.

Source: YouTube



  1. Can’t really explain why, but I actually loathed LP2.
    Traded it in the day after release, just couldn’t get into it at all – and I’ve played some pretty crappy games to completion…

    Maybe I’ll give LP3 a chance afteraaaah, forget it. Couldn’t even complete the sentence.

  2. lp2 was kinda lame. i hated the fact that only one person gets xp for a boss kill.

    like the train level where you need everyone’s cooperation to kill the boss (obviously), but the guy you sits on his arse the whole time gets credit for the kill. BS.

    i suppose this one doesn’t even have coop. so i’m out.

  3. Big Lost Planet fan, can’t wait for this one. The engine really is superb .

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