Black Ops 2 ‘Hardened’ And ‘Care Package’ Editions Leaked

The source on this one is a little vague (“some dude” on Facebook, but it sounds like this may be coming out of the ongoing GameStop managers conference), but images of what seem to be the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 special editions have appeared over at NeoGAF.

Assuming of course that these are real, and they look pretty plausible, the Hardened edition will come with a steelbook edition of the game, a copy of the soundtrack, the pre-order-exclusive Nuketown 2025 map, a Nuketown map for the game’s Zombies mode, an avatar prop and costume (on 360) or two themes (on PS3), two “limited edition challenge coins”, as well as exclusive in-game weapon camouflage and player card background options.


The Care Package edition adds in a remote controllable model of the quadrocopter drones from the game, and a giant toolbox to keep it in, on top of everything from the Hardened edition.

The most interesting and obvious omission is any kind of Elite membership in either package. Either Activision are hoping that MW3 buyers forget about their auto-renewing subscriptions (ker-ching!), or are just hoping that the content from the first cycle will be enough to entice people to resubscribe outside of the special editions. Maybe the whole leak is actually coming from Activision to see whether people bite without Elite included before they officially confirm its inclusion (or not). Who knows!

These special editions will likely be available alongside the regular edition on November 13th. An official statement from Activision is likely just around the corner.

Source: NeoGAF



  1. Can’t wait until the price drops on that drone, they always do!

  2. Pic’s are real, it was Gamestop Norway that “leaked” them on their Facebook page.

  3. That drone looks pretty sweet but again, to me this is pointless tat. The game will do me fine.

    Not gonna bother with elite too. Seeing as the content comes out on regular Xbox before PS3 elite members get access – Activision can go fuck themselves on this one.

  4. honestly, who buys this stuff and actually wants it or plays with it?

    • I used my night vision goggles that i got with MW2 to go to the all night garage once when i was a little bit wrecked. that was fun. But, £120 has been better spent i think

  5. I would quite like a quadracopter…

  6. If Trent Reznor from NIN is doing the theme, then Blops2 maybe a ok game. I still wonder how many copies will COD sell if there weren’t any £25 offers on every year.

    • You judge if a game is o.k or not by who does the theme?


      • I’d prefer Dennis Waterman to ‘Write the theme tune’ ‘Sing the theme tune’…….. ;)

      • Well, Hans Zimmer and Balfe(?) did MW2 and MW2 is by far the best COD.

      • Really, Awaze?
        I didn’t like MW2 half as much as MW.
        COD4 is still my favourite COD, didn’t even finish BlOps or buy MW3 because of how much I felt let down by MW2 & BlOps.

  7. At least I’m a little excited about BO2. The last cod didn’t even tempt me to buy it. MW3 has to be the worst game in series, but BO2 might be it’s saving grace with some fans. I’m still on the fence about it, so I’ll wait an see.

  8. I will only buy it for sub£30

  9. Blop’s 2 Hardened edition for me, so I can zombie it up with Lurch and co :)

  10. Hang on, so I have to get this edition to play zombies on nuketown?

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