New Fruit Ninja Kinect DLC Is 8-Bit Brilliant

Fruit Ninja Kinect, which I still maintain is probably the best Kinect game yet released, will be receiving some DLC on Friday. It’s going to cost just 160MSP and it will add a “Super Retro Land” background, blocky Game Man shadow and pixellated fruit to slash away at with your Mega Sword blade. Yep, it’s gone all 8-bit.

While it doesn’t seem to add a lot to the game in terms of how it works, this is a big change in looks for the fun fruit-slasher and that chiptune soundtrack sounds like it might be incredibly infectious…



  1. That’s so cool. Any chance of seeing this on Android too?

  2. when i saw that on youtube earlier today i thought it was one of those mock up demakes people create.

    then i realised it was real.

    it’s pretty cool.

    it’d be cool to see this come to the mobile versions too.

  3. Is there anything different compared to the normal version?

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