Next Skyrim DLC Announced, Dated and Named Hearthfire

Bethesda has just sent through a press release to announce the next round of Skyrim DLC. It’s called Hearthfire and it’ll be available on the Xbox 360 on September 6th. It’s going to cost 400MSP and will allow you to build your own house and adopt children.

There’s no word of a PC release date and the PS3 version is also absent, which is to be expected, considering those users are still awaiting news on the first DLC pack, Dawnguard arriving on their console.

Source: Press release



  1. MS paid for a month exclusivity when they can not even get it to work for PS3 what a waste of money.

    • I don’t think it’s ever been revealed that MS paid for exclusivity on Skyrim DLC – just assumed. I think that kind of thing is much more likely to be based on promotional deals and technical support than actual money changing hands these days, although again, that’s an assumption.

      • The first two add-on content drops for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be released exclusively on Xbox 360, 30 days before” they’re available anywhere else, the platform holder said today ( Friday 26th Aug 2011 )

        No mention about money, but yeeeeea…they won’t do it for hugs…just saying.


      • Oh, I know it’s a deal but what I’m saying is, maybe it’s a promotional thing – like Sony with EA in recent years – where Microsoft basically says “if you let us have that for 30 days, we’ll advertise the shit out of it for you”
        Could be anything, to be fair, the darker dealings of the publisher/platform holder relationships are a mystery to me!

  2. This is a really strange housing advert and I don’t want to adopt. I want to create strange cat/ork/lizard hybrid who can breath fire.

  3. So the second DLC is a frecking mod! Seriously, it is basically a mod being ported to the consoles with a few improvements. I am disappointed as i was hoping it would be exploring something lore related. Oh and where the feck is Dawnguard Bethesda? FFS, the wanting to give PS3 players the best experience is bullcrap as they allowed Skyrim to become known as Rimlag as well as Bugrim. I really how when we do get Dawnguard it is at half price to make up for the long delay that seems like they just cba to port it over. I would accept that they are having trouble if Skyrim itself was a buggy unplayable mess but that is not the case.

    Anyway, looks a bit average but roleplayers will love this. Am disappointed by the lack of the skeleton butler and i suspect many players will forget about their family. Also, this should be the last exclusive DLC for Skyrim on the 360 as MS only had a deal for 2.

    • A mod? I wouldn’t necessarily call ideas developed internally by Bethesda Game Studios a mod.
      And note that they have already delivered some of the ideas developed at the same time in for free via patches.

      And you complain that they release buggy games and then complain when they delay the release of DLC because they’re trying to iron the bugs out? You can’t have it both ways.

      The game engine clearly struggles with the PS3’s awkward split RAM architecture. Adding more elements into the game increases the resources it requires which is a possible reason why Dawnguard may be struggling on PS3 where it is straining already stretched resources. Consider how Fallout 3’s DLC generally degraded the overall experience as it added to the game world.

      • True about the buggy bit but Bethesda has been very quiet on DG for the PS3 since the reason for the delay and releasing Hearthfire doesn’t seem like that they are working on it at the moment. F:NV’s DLC managed to run fine on the PS3. Okay, it would eventually cause it to become unplayable due to crashes and lag but that’s down to file size. Plus it does remind me of a design your own house mod for the PC. I think they probably saw that mod, incoroparted some of that mod features into their version of building a house in order to hopefully, bring us an excellent port of a mod.(I know i shouldn’t call it a mod but in my mind it’s a port with some major improvements.)

        Skyrim doesn’t seem to be having trouble on the PS3 atm.(it’s been a few months so chances are it’s a laggy mess now) so i believe if they are careful, they should be able to release DG with a few bugs which are acceptable due to the it being an add-on for an open world RPG.

      • Did the design your own house mod come out on PC before the game jam happened? (and I mean the week it was being done, not when the video was released) since I’m sure some of the developers where thinking about this since before the release just it wasn’t necessary, and too time consuming.

  4. At least we finally got the 2.05/1.6 patch on PS3 yesterday. At least I did here in the UK anyway. I assume it’s out globally.

    • Thought it was mentioned they were going straight to 1.7??

      • 2.05 is 1.7. And yes it’s out globally now.

        Though still no answer from Bethesda if the 1.7 EU patch is “better” then the 1.7 US patch, now that it went through a month more of dev.

      • It’s 1.6 & 1.7 combined in one dload.

  5. I can see the ps3 dlc being bundled on a GOTY version before becoming available individually

  6. At this rate, I think I’ll stick to playing Skyrim on my PC instead of the PS3 to play these DLC.

  7. Great DLC, Great price and it’s a Great addition to the Skyrim world but when this gets around to coming to ps3 and pc it better not end up getting delayed like dawnguard has.
    I don’t see why it would be delayed seeing as it isn’t a complex story dlc all your doing is building a house it shouldn’t perform badly on ps3.

    • MS made a deal with Bethesda months before the release of Not so much lag nowadays rim which resulted in the first two add-ons being exclusive for 30 days. Don’t know if MS has done another deal for the rest of the add-ons. Actually that is a good point about it not being that demanding so they should be able to release it with a few or no bugs in it at all.

  8. This does look like something nice to add to the game and it seems cheap ( i have no idea how Microsoft magic points system works, ) but were is the first DLC for PS3…..
    If its not this week then they have made a bold move announcing this when they haven’t got the first one out yet for everyone.

  9. No word yet on when the PS3 version of Dawngaurd is coming… but hey, now the xbox has 2 DLC’s available come Sept. 6th

    They delivered a sub par PS3 game being WAY inferior to the xbox version,now late DLC that they can’t even get to work properly on the PS3, and if it releases might be months away…why didn’t they just make this an xbox exclusive game?

    At least admit you can’t make a PS3 Bethesda, and not fool PS3 users by saying sh*t like:

    “Yes, PS3 and 360 have reached a good place of parity….framerate, fidelity, etc. The PS3 version is getting a ton of attention” Pete Hinds.

  10. I will wait patiently until it’s out on PS3, looks engrossing thus very dangerous to my social and work life!

    • Same here. I sank so many hours into Skyrim, I know I’ll be the same when the PS3 DLC finally arrives.

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