Next Walking Dead Episode Will be Late On EU PS3s

The next episode of The Walking Dead is out later today on PSN in North America. It comes out tomorrow on XBLA and Steam – worldwide and roughly simultaneously. There’s no current release date for the European PSN Store.

Telltale community manager, Alan Johnson, has posted on the company’s blog to say “the title is in submission with our international partners at SCEE. As soon as Telltale Games receives a release confirmation, a date will be announced.”


This might not be much of a surprise after the same thing happened with Episode 2 of the acclaimed series but many European PS3 owners will have expected SCEE to find a solution to the disparity of release dates between that episode and this one.

Frustrations are likely to be especially prevalent after last week’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive issues saw that title also miss its release and leave European PS3 owners wondering why they’re so often left behind.



  1. In other news the sky is blue.

  2. As a gesture of good will Sony should PS+ episodes 1-3 and step their sh*t up as regards issues like this!

    • That would more than likely annoying people (such as me) who have paid upfront for a “monthly” releasing game, not make things better. People who don’t have it aren’t really missing it by it being delayed.


    i’ve been saving that one for moments like this.

    • As much as I dislike your negative anti-Sony comments etc, that very much made me giggle :)

      • i’m not anti sony, just anti scee.

        sony do do lots of things right, scee, not so much.

    • Nicely played.

  4. Well knock me down with a feather. I suspect this will be a few weeks late once again. Anyway, lesson learnt, I know never to buy episodicly released games again. It’s a shame as the idea is nice, to have something that I’ve already paid for to drop each month, IF it were each month. You would think the developers and SCEE would work together – after the first fuck-up – to ensure the remaining episodes were releases on time. I guess that would be expecting too much. Most annoyingly, its a great game and I’d like to play it closer together.

    • This is half the reason I don’t bother, them not being reliable, timely releases.

      Secondly, they are usually a lot cheaper once they’ve all been released and then you can have access to them all at once!!

      • Indeed, I got sucked in with the exclusive Season Pass theme! ;)

      • Fingers crossed for a Disc release with all episodes included!! :)

      • @Forrest They’d likely give it a platinum trophy too, as was done with the Back to the future disc version of the episodes, and charge less! :O

      • That’s the dream! :)

        … Also reminds me i must get back (ha!) to back to the future at some point…

      • @freezebug2 the walking dead already has a platinum trophy

      • @Wolf Cool, I’ll just buy the fourth episode in that case lol. ;)

  5. So last time SCEE managed to get Telltale to take the blame. Wonder who they will pass the buck to this time? Who is taking the heat for counter strike?

    SCEE has a staff problem that needs resolving or they just need to cut the region bullshit and just become one entity. Works for Microsoft.

  6. the store update post on the blog tomorrow is going to be … interesting. ^_^

  7. So SCEE has delayed another game. Let me guess, QA testing? Localisation issues? The office dog swallowed the only copy that they had and they are waiting for it to pass threw their system? Someone downloaded a bunch of porn and it installed a virus on their system? You may think i’m joking but i wouldn’t be surprised if the last two reasons are the real reasons for the delays.

  8. I might of ended up paying more getting this on Xbox but atleast i’m not waiting, one of my GOTY’s so far loved episode 1 and 2.

  9. Oh dear :-/ The immature CRY-BABIES who post comments on the PlayStation.Blog(Europe) will be moaning like f**king c**** tomorrow then! LoL:D (not all are cry babies tho, the people who comment on the PSBlog. Last week a few were a disgrace really) :-/

    • Or prehaps they are getting increasingly fed up with SCEE’s shoddy track record and you do know TWD:EP2 was delayed so they are going to be annoyed that another TWD game has been delayed which carries on from episode 2.

      • yeah, a game which many people paid for months ago.

      • That’s true, Steven, but there’s a way to complain and there’s a way to come across as an ill-educated, foul-mouthed, disrespectful, petulant little scrote with all the social grace and charm of cancer. Sadly, the latter is all too often true of the internet with it’s degree of anonymity.

      • True but to actually call all of the commenters on the EU blog cry babies is not really neccessary. I think most of the time whenever something goes wrong, it tends to bring out the worst in some people.

      • I think JBoo was referring to the cry babies on there… not everyone.

  10. Meh, a bunch of childish crybabies that don’t grasp that North America has 2 languages (3 if you include French speaking Canada), Europe has 21.

    Microsoft being an American company just release in the American languages and don’t give a rats backside about all the European languages, which is why their marketshare is non-existant in mainland Europe.

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