Next Walking Dead Episode Will be Late On EU PS3s

The next episode of The Walking Dead is out later today on PSN in North America. It comes out tomorrow on XBLA and Steam – worldwide and roughly simultaneously. There’s no current release date for the European PSN Store.

Telltale community manager, Alan Johnson, has posted on the company’s blog to say “the title is in submission with our international partners at SCEE. As soon as Telltale Games receives a release confirmation, a date will be announced.”


This might not be much of a surprise after the same thing happened with Episode 2 of the acclaimed series but many European PS3 owners will have expected SCEE to find a solution to the disparity of release dates between that episode and this one.

Frustrations are likely to be especially prevalent after last week’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive issues saw that title also miss its release and leave European PS3 owners wondering why they’re so often left behind.



  1. There is an error in the title – ‘Next Walking Dead Episode Will be Late On EU PS3s’ – Should be ‘Next Walking Dead Episode Already Late On EU PS3s’

    :p TTG

    • technically it isn’t yet, because the store hasn’t updated so it could theoretically still make it.

      and theoretically Megan Fox could fall madly in love with me after seeing me in the street while making a film in london.
      but i doubt i’ll see either of those things happen. :(

      • I was referring to the originally advertised monthly episodes, seeing as they started in may we should be waiting for episode 5 now, not still in the dark on episode 3.

        I suppose I have learnt the hardway not to trust TTG with anymore of my money so not a total loss

        Redundant now as its Sunday but you would prob have a greater chance of the Megan fox thing happening than it hitting the store on time AND/OR getting a decent explanation from any party as to the reasons for e delay

  2. I’m a big Walking Dead fan, I’m just glad I didn’t pay up front for this, I feel sorry for those that did. Hopefully Sony will do something to make this right – not sure what though.

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