Hall Of Heroes: Conrad

Naturally, healers are the life source of an interdependent team when it comes to Wrath of Heroes; therefore it isn’t rare to see them skirting around even the smallest of conflicts to avoid being dragged in and beaten to a pulp. This is usually afforded via ranged or area healing abilities that require a short proximity, though retains enough just enough distance. Conrad, a battle-hardened Warrior Priest of The Empire, has no such luxuries at his disposal. Though capable of area healing, such abilities are tagged with hefty cooldowns, the devout Sigmarite having to depend on his rigour in hand-to-hand combat in order to replenish the hit points of surrounding team mates.

Being able to dole out the damage whilst restoring health to allies makes Conrad one of the more intriguing heroes featured in WoH, also introducing a fair level of complexity for those who want to master his playstyle. Those who have the Warrior Priest jotted down on their short-list are not only proficient in reading close combat situations, also requiring a high level of awareness, especially when it comes to monitoring adjacent team-mates.


Ability Type Base Damage Range Cooldown Effect Duration
Divine Strike Active [1] 33 (Average) 5ft Instant Each attack will restore 46 hit points to nearby allies.
Sigmar’s Wrath Active [2] 74 (Average) Self/Area 5s Restores 70 hit points to surrounding team-mates.
Judgement Active [3] 72 (Average) 5ft 10s Silences target (prevents use of magic abilities.) 3s
Sigmar’s Fist Active [4]  Self 20s During Sigmar’s Fist, whenever an ally attack hits, Conrad automatically deals an 33% damage to enemy target. 8s
Divine Avatar Active [5] 49×3 (High) Self/Area 30s Conrad pulsates, dealing damage to surrounding enemies whilst restoring 47 hit points to nearby team-mates. 3s
Divine Cleansing Active [A5] Self/Area 30s Removes all root and snare effects from surrounding allies. Each effect removed reduces this ability’s cooldown. 2s
Sigmar’s Wrath Passive [1] For each Empire team member present, Conrad’s healing power is increased by 4%.


As the table above clearly denotes, Conrad is a hero that thrives as part of a tight-knit group. As long as your allies are within a short distance, you will continue to top up their hit point meters though only if you stay locked in the heat of battle. However, that isn’t the only incentive to stay close to team members; Conrad’s fourth ability, Sigmar’s Fist, is perhaps the most deadly ability in his arsenal and could be described as a selfish support ability. Instead of simply bolstering the strength of surrounding allies (as normal buffs do) the 33% added damage dealt with every successful ally attack is added to Conrad’s total. Needless to say this number can skyrocket depending on the combat efficiency of your team-mates. Sigmar’s Fist also goes hand-in-hand with Divine Avatar, giving Conrad’s area damage a little extra bite.

[accordions] [accordion title=”Black Fire Pass”]

Unable to incapacitate enemy targets or sprint between objectives, Conrad isn’t exactly a go-to choice for this scenario. His lack of any resistances against root or snare effects also means that he can be easy pickings for the enemy team if caught straying too far from a group.

With that said there are still a number of advantages in selecting the Sigmarite as part of a team. For groups which prefer to swarm enemy bases instead of dispatching solo runners, Conrad comes to the fore as both a decent melee fighter and valuable supportive figure. Judgement will also allow him to silence magic users such as Felicia or Volrik to prevent them from snaring nearby allies.

[/accordion] [accordion title=”The Arena”]

Interdependence is critical in this scenario, no matter which hero you play; therefore choosing Conrad when fighting shoulder to shoulder with a squad of ranged attackers can render him useless when it comes to combat. The only way to ensure a constant stream of hit points is to escort him into the heat of battle, the more armoured his bodyguards the better.

From there Conrad can chip away at enemies with moderate effect whilst holding out for Sigmar’s Fist to recharge. When things are looking bleak, Divine Avatar can also be employed to attempt a retreat from the frontline. Supportive players who lean slightly more towards crowd control (CC) playstyles should also slot the Inescapable Judgement mastery; whilst hammering away at primary targets, this bonus will allow Conrad to smite enemy magic-users from afar, preventing them from casting. This combination also works when confronting healers such as Amenadresh and Glowgob.

[/accordion] [accordion title=”Pyramid of Settra”]

As with any hero, many of the tactics used in Black Fire Pass are easily transferable. Again, Conrad is best suited when coordinating raids on enemy bases, keeping health bars topped up just enough to secure relics whilst trying to swat away enemy targets.

It’s rather a niche ability, though some will also want to slot Divine Cleansing to improve their chances of victory. It requires an ample dose of timing and co-operation though, if successful, using Conrad’s alternate fifth ability could open a getaway route and has the possibility of turning the game on its head. However when playing with randoms or team-mates who aren’t fully plugged in, chances are, it won’t deliver that game-changing moment.

[/accordion] [accordion title=”Mourkain Temple”]

Even when playing alongside organised team members, it’s easy to get separated in Mourkain Temple as players race to capture and defend flags. As always, Conrad works best when nestled between two or more combat-savvy characters; on his own he may lack the oomph needed to secure a flag independently, so buddying up is always essential.

He may not be the best hero to play during the initial skirmishing phases of Mourkain Temple but when the action begins to trickle towards the centre of the map, Conrad finally comes into his own. Using a combination of his fourth and fifth abilities, the Warrior Priest can navigate through a crowd of enemies whilst dealing out some extortionate damage figures, also creating a cushion of hit points and bonus damage for his companions.

[/accordion] [/accordions]

  • Divinity | Divine Strike inflicts 30% more damage. Also increases healing by 30% (+9 damage, +14 healing).

  • Sigmar’s Fury | Increases duration of Sigmar’s FIst by an additional 4 seconds.

  • Inescapable Judgement | Increases the range of Judgement from 5ft to 60ft, effectively turning it into a ranged attack.

  • Divine Cleansing | Refer to table above (A5). Alternate ability that removes all root, stagger, and snare effects from team members.

  • Verdant Apotheosis | Perk that requires 9000 points of healing in a single life. Team mates are immune to all damage and receive 300% attack bonus for 10 seconds.

When slotting masteries for Conrad, there are a number of avenues which players can pursue. Firstly, you can attempt to build a self-sufficient healer by equipping Divinity, Restorative Surge, and Responsiveness; engineered to sustain both Conrad and fellow team members, this combo generates great health replenishment whilst playing towards Conrad’s combat-focussed tendencies. Even when fleeing from battle, Restorative Surge still has a chance to restore the player’s health with each incoming attack.

If you prefer a more active combatant, Inescapable Judgement, Sigmar’s Fury, and Hardened Flesh is a combo that provides plenty of versatility. As mentioned previously, a 55ft extension to Conrad’s Judgement (silence) ability can help take the heat off himself or adjacent allies. Meanwhile, an increased duration of Sigmar’s Fist could help yield an extra 50% total damage during activation, even more if your team happen to have the upper hand. Lastly, Hardened Flesh will provide some added relief, bolstering Conrad’s armour to 50% damage deflection as opposed to 30%, placing him 10% under the game’s beefiest heroes such as Bax and Olwyn.


Conrad is healer who relies mostly on close combat scenarios to restore health to himself and team-mates. He wears medium armour (30%) and wades into battle with a starting total of 1,250 health (high) though lacks the ability to dodge incoming attacks. Through the use of masteries he can either galvanise himself as a self-sufficient healer or a versatile team player with other, damage-centric load-outs available.

Conrad works well with heavily-armoured heroes including Bax and Albodi- these two characters are particularly appropriate as they are able to occasionally restore their own health by using specific abilities. With a constant income of health between them, these three can easily rush bases, secure objectives, and repel skirmishes or even two-way ambushes.

Heroes that are particularly weak against Conrad include Felicia and Ilyana. Both rely exclusively on their magic-based attacks; once silenced by Conrad’s Judgement, they become sitting ducks. Depending on luck and skill, Conrad has a good chance of dispatching either one of these heroes single-handedly.

If playing against Conrad, there a number of combinations that can bring the Sigmarite to his knees. Olwyn and Volrik are perhaps two of the best heroes for the job. Renowned in battle for her tank-disabling prowess, Olwyn can negate Conrad’s armour completely whilst continually bombarding him with a snare effect and the occasional knockdown. This constant barrage of obstacles will eventually cut Conrad off from the rest of his team and leave him exposed. Volrik, as a hero who depends on magic abilities, is a risky choice but if played from afar, can prove just as devastating. You’ll want to keep Conrad at a distance, pulling him away from his allies before using Volrik’s fourth ability to prevent him from being healed.