Latest PS All Stars Trailer Shows The Dark Side Of Cole MacGrath

As the ranks begin to swell, SuperBot Entertainment have teased fans with a look at one of the newest entrants to the studios upcoming dream team brawler, PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale. Formerly a bike courier of Empire City, during the events of 2009’s inFAMOUS Cole MacGrath found himself at the centre of a super-powered conspiracy, giving players the option to turn him into a hero or villain.


A similar black-and-white morality system permeated the second game in the series and seems to have rubbed off on PS All Stars. Whether or not they are classed as two entirely separate characters, both Good Cole and Evil Cole seem have different aesthetic touches and slight alterations to their movesets.

Cole is set to battle alongside the likes of Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Ratchet, Sackboy and myriad of other PlayStation icons when All Stars Battle Royale launches in late November.



  1. Can we have an Evil Sackboy? THats what I want to know

    • Yes, you just draw an angry face on your testicles.

      That’s what i do anyway…

      • We should have the like button back :)

      • I’m happy to take your mention of a like as a like! ;)

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  2. Oh no, seems he’s a separate character… That sucks! Waste of a character-slot.

    • Yeah, while there is still no sign of Rayman or any FInal Fantasy character…

      • Don’t forget that any non-Sony property will carry licensing issues & costs. To be honest, i am not even sure how they managed to get a Big Daddy in there, let alone anyting else!

      • Big Daddy got in thanks to the odd but nice Sony-Bioshock friendship going on, with a Vita game and Move support in Infinite. Odd because it started out on 360. Third party characters in this game bring great advertising for their franchises (Columbia stage), so although licensing can be a birch, it’s win-win. Third party publishers should be wanting to be in on this game, I know I would.

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