Sports Champions 2 Release Date Announced

Sports Champions was probably the highlight of PlayStation Move’s launch window. It’s actually still one of the best Move-dedicated games you could play. So the sequel is quite exciting for Move fans itching to get another grade-A game to swing along with.


Jeremy Ray, Senior Producer at SCE Worldwide, has taken to the EU PS Blog to announce that the sporty sequel is coming on October 31st this year. It features skiing, boxing, tennis, bowling, golf and a new archery game. Jeremy says that the team is mostly finished with the game and they’re now just ironing out the bugs before sending it off to the big Sony factories to start cranking out discs. He says they’ll take a short breather before coming back with some post release support for it too – which usually means DLC.

Source: PS EU Blog



  1. I am actually really looking forward to this. Zindagi’s last game was far from excellent, but Sports Champions is still my PS Move highlight. Bring on the tennis!

  2. Enjoyed Sports Champions, my first and only dedicated move game :P Enjoyed the gladiator duel and table tennis the most, so tennis and boxing interest me most of this new one. Hopefully they release a demo for this first.

  3. I love sports champion only let down was no online, I would have loved to play against someone at table tennis online…

    Any news weather this had online feature besides scoreboard

    • Sadly they’ll be no traditional online gaming. If there is one game that screams for it, it is this one.

  4. Yeah I’m looking forward to this too. Although, all I want is more disc golf courses! I was addicted to that sport last game. I even went to play real life disc golf for my birthday last year! Much harder in actual life!

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