Top 100 of 2012 Recap: 90-86 – Warhammer, Tekken 3D and FIFA 13

Ten down and ninety still to go. That really doesn’t seem all that encouraging does it? These lists are always a marathon rather than a sprint though, and at least we’re still ticking games off the list. Today we revisit games 90 to 86 in last December’s list, with a wide selection of genres making an appearance.

90 Awakened

When we first looked at this game we didn’t expect you to have heard of it, and it seems very little has changed on that front in the last eight months. With the game officially stated as targeting next-gen consoles on developer Phosphor Games’ website, we’re pretty much guaranteed to not see the game this year, and it seems unlikely that we’ll hear anything about it for a while.


What few details we do have about the game are pretty old by now, but based on the current crop of screenshots, and what’s been said by Phosphor in the past, it seems to be a mixture of third-person shooter and superhero title. Phosphor have tried to keep away from the inFamous and Prototype comparisons though, saying that whilst the characters will have certain powers and abilities, they’re still normal, grounded characters.

The game’s basic concepts certainly sound interesting, and hopefully we’ll hear more about it as next-gen consoles bear down on us.

89 Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium Online

The biggest thing that’s changed about Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium Online is that… well it’s not online any more. In fact it’s a little uncertain as to whether or not the game even exists any more.

You see after THQ’s well documented financial troubles they went looking for a partner to help them with the rather expensive business of launching a fully fledged MMO. Perhaps unsurprisingly no-one wanted to take a risk on the game, and THQ essentially cancelled it.

However, they didn’t want to let all of that hard work go to waste, and announced that the project would be “refocussed” as a single player game with some multiplayer modes. There’s been very little information since then as to how the refocussing is going, but all we can be certain of is that a Warhammer 40,000 MMO isn’t on the way from THQ.

88 Tekken 3D: Prime Edition

Fortunately we actually know something about Tekken 3D: Prime Edition; not a huge surprise given it came out in February. The game is, as the name perhaps suggests, a 3DS exclusive entry in the Tekken series.

Prime Edition is pretty much your bog standard Tekken game, albeit one that take advantage of the 3DS’s features. It also comes bundled with the 3D movie Tekken: Blood Vengeance, and features all 41 characters from Tekken 6.

It would appear it hasn’t done too well though, currently sitting at 64 on Metacritic. That’s certainly not the worst score, but with Tekken 6 sitting at around the 80 mark it clearly doesn’t quite live up to its big brother.

87 Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars 2

Another game that we haven’t heard much anything of for a while, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars 2 is the sequel to the ludicrously named Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars. The original was a well loved game here at TheSixthAxis, both amongst the staff and the community.

Unfortunately, we’ve really got no information about the sequel. It seems to be on the back burner at Psyonix whilst they seek a publisher for the game and work on contract projects. With no announcements forthcoming it seems unlikely that we’ll see the game within 2012.

86 FIFA 13

Although FIFA 13 isn’t quite out yet, it’s set for release in almost exactly one month and we can be pretty certain that we will get our hands on it very soon; anything else would have been a real shock. As a yearly football game you may not expect a huge number of changes in FIFA 13, I mean there’s only so much EA can do. Fortunately there are some updates and new features making their way into the new FIFA, most notably the new First Touch Control and Complete Dribbling systems that will, apparently, have a significant impact on the way players control the ball.

However, the feature I find the most most interesting are the new Skill Games, a collection of mini-games that highlight the improvements made to the game’s Impact physics engine. These, to me, sound like they could be a nice little distraction, and might actually improve my ability to play the game (something that needs a lot of work).

The game will also feature the usual bunch of updates, this time to player intelligence, free kicks and, most visibly, the game’s career mode. Also of interest is the new Match Day feature, which sounds pretty similar to Live Season. EA Sports have promised that the new “Match Day Experience” will bring deeper integration of real world events into the game and, excitingly for me, show your team’s upcoming fixtures so you can play them. Given that this is about 50% of what I use FIFA 12 for it should prove pretty useful personally, although I’m not sure if others will be as interested.

Well that’s today’s five games covered. We’ll be back tomorrow with information on just what’s going on with games 85 to 81.



  1. i was really looking forward to seeing that Warhammer 40K mmo.

    • Same here, absolutely gutted about it as it’s the only MMO I would play other than World of Tanks (which isn’t your typical MMO to begin with).

  2. Really looking forward to FIFA 13, its way higher than this on my list! If they improve pro clubs like I hope they do, I think I’ll actually become addicted.

  3. Hoping Fifa 13 isn’t has Messi compared to 12 and hopefully….the Vita version is actually capable of having Ultimate Team plus fast and responsive formation menus.

  4. Pro13 best be on the list, FIFA is overrated not speaking cause am a pro fanboy lol

    • If i remember rightly, you should see Pro Evo appear in a day or two.

  5. I looked at the screenshots of Awakened and I must say it definitely does not look like a next gen title… I’m sure it’s still at a very early stage but I wouldn’t put them on the site if they looked like something that would even look crappy compared to PS3 standards.

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