Amazon’s AppStore Launches in Select EU Countries

Amazon’s Android store has had some really great special offers that European Android fans have often looked upon jealously. The store has, until today, been US-only but that’s all changing. As of today, it’s available in the UK, Germany, Spain, France and Italy too.

The press release is keen to point out that there is plenty of localised content on there. Stuff like Jamie Oliver’s 20 Minute Meals and Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Europeans will also see the arrival of the popular “Free App of the Day” (today’s is – what else – Angry Birds, tomorrow’s is Plants Vs Zombies) and the personalised recommendations system that the US has enjoyed for some time.


If you buy something from the Amazon AppStore, it will be available for each of your Android devices, too. So you could buy it on your phone and also enjoy it on your tablet.

To get the store on your device simply follow this link and you’ll be set up in no time.



  1. Your link doesn’t work. Also, downloading apps from Germany doesn’t work either. It still says I’d have to change my payment and billing settings… Thanks Amazon…

    • the link is to the UK store, perhaps it’s a different link for the others?

      • Tried the German store and when I open the app everything is in english, while the screenshot on the German Amazon page shows a German UI. I guess it detects my settings based on the system language, which is English (US) in my case.

      • Are you based in the US, fella? (Kerash)

      • Nope, living in Germany.

  2. I did a workaround to get the US store on my phone ages ago… It was a right pain in the arse. The app version is unique to the AMZ store and development of the app almost always lagged behind the version that was on the Google Play store, in the end despite the premium app for free everyday, I deleted it… although PvZ for free is not to be sniffed at!

  3. Sounds good, “a free paid for app or game everyday”. There’s sure to be a few great ones somewhere along the way.

    • Nice – Relevant & rhyming. Good work! :)

  4. Downloaded this, looking forward to seeing what hthe free apps will be and if they run regular sales or anything.

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