Next Metal Gear Game Is Open-World, Planned For Current-Gen Systems

Titled “Ground Zeroes,” Kojima Production’s latest instalment in the acclaimed Metal Gear series is looking to spice things up with “open-world” stealth action gameplay.

According to sources at the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary event the game will launch on current-gen systems with developers using PC builds to emulate PS3/360 versions of the Ground Zeroes.


In terms of story there is little to go on. The first trace of promotional material clearly outlines Snake as the protagonist though whether this instalment is set before the events of MGS1 or after MGS4 (it’s unlikely though Kojima has made stranger choices in the past) remains to be seen. Either way, players will finally be able to go hands-on with KojimaPro’s Fox Engine.

Source: Andriasang




  1. No “Solid” in the title? The image looks great but I doubt it will look like that ingame on current generation consoles. I was hoping they’d fully utilize the engine on next gen hardware and maybe start off the next generation with a bang.
    Open world sounds interesting.

    • I assume it will be Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes by the time it comes out. but maybe they’re taken the “Solid” as it doesn’t represent the same type of games as the past.

  2. I really hope that is Naked Snake aka Big Boss as Solid/old snake’s story is over. And it would fit in with Big Boss’s story due to him creating a mercenary group that operated all over the world. Plus the gear doesn’t scream post MGS4. But does look like it belongs in a BB game. I do hope it won’t be GTA:MGS edition.

  3. great news looks like big boss in the pic eye patch.
    hope old snake is in there as well.

  4. This looks exciting! From news elsewhere it looks like it involves Big Boss (MSF logo so could it be post Peace Walker?). Potentially a really gritty and dark part of the saga and open world sounds like a good way to go.

  5. 360 as well? In the words of MGS:


    I just hope it isn’t dumbed down for the 360. The reason why MGS4 was such a technical masterpiece was because it wasn’t catered to the LCD.

    • Don’t think it will. Fox engine is designed to be multi-platform from the ground up.

      Having said that for me personally I would only get a Metal Gear on a Sony platform. I’m quite rigid about what I get on what platform (and it does not necessarily mean I’ll choose the best version either).

  6. did you post a Splinter Cell pic by mistake? ^_^

    anyway, an open world Metal Gear game does sound intriguing.
    hopefully they’ll put out some footage sooner rather than later.

  7. They are diluting the series too much now imo.

    The Metal Gear Solid series were amazing and should be left as such imo

    • How come you reckon its diluting dude? I guess gameplay wise you’re right its ever changing, but the story that I assume this ones telling was sort of fleshed out for 4 (especially in that ps3 database Kojima put together) so the plot has been out there for a while waiting to be told :)

      • If I wanted to play an open world game then I’d play GTA or Just Cause. I just like the more linear approach of the MGS series.

        If the story is still as engrossing as its predecessors then maybe it will be its saving grace but if it just feels like it’s being dragged out, I feel they should just leave the story at 4.

      • Yeah I agree with you about the linear missions an leaving the story at 4, the ending was fairly well tied up, I reckon filling the big gaps in the saga might work though.

      • I agree with the linear style and leaving Snake’s story alone due to the events of 4 unless it’s to fill the gap between 2&4 but chances are that would be a Raiden game as Snake i think was busy trying to find out what was happening to him as well as trying to not get arrested as he was branded a terrorist after the events of 1&2. Hence why Octocon and Snake live together(i assume they do) in a plane.

        An open world MG/MGS game would probably ruin the stealth aspect of it as stealth is usually the last thing that is focused on during development in those types of games. Hopefully, i’m wrong and it turns out to be as good as any MGS game or even surpass 3 and 4.

      • If I run away from the cops in SR, Gta they can still find me which is kinda bad. With MGS being open and the experience of Kojima Productions I highly doubt the same stuff from other games won’t be replicated.

  8. Going to say this is Big boss, his outfit has the MSF/outer heaven logo on it to set after MGS3 and MGS peace walker, but before the events of Metal gear or metal gear solid. The sleak black suit is also the one big boss always has on, never sean solid snake in that one.

    • Yeah, with the MSF logo it’s definitely BIg Boss, plus you can just see the strap of an eyepatch above the NV goggles.

  9. Metro, world renown for their games coverage, have said that an MGS movie and mobile game are already in the works. As Old School said…

  10. Hmm, i can’t really get excited about a multi-format MG(S?) game :-/

    • Agreed. It’ll be dumbed down.

    • This is great news, as was the news Splinter Cell Blacklist is coming to PS3 too.
      No reason at all for either to be “dumbed down” on either format. 360 may need multiple discs and PS3 may have slight decrease in performance, but it will be a win for everyone.

    • I can’t really get excited because its…

      Xbox 360/PS3

      Christ has to be next gen, the current consoles are way too old.

      • Maybe if they are using PC builds there maybe a PC release :-) Here’s hoping anyway otherwise it’s 360 and I already feel dirty for playing HD Collection outside of a Sony machine :-/

      • You should, heretic!

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