Next Metal Gear Game Is Open-World, Planned For Current-Gen Systems

Titled “Ground Zeroes,” Kojima Production’s latest instalment in the acclaimed Metal Gear series is looking to spice things up with “open-world” stealth action gameplay.

According to sources at the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary event the game will launch on current-gen systems with developers using PC builds to emulate PS3/360 versions of the Ground Zeroes.


In terms of story there is little to go on. The first trace of promotional material clearly outlines Snake as the protagonist though whether this instalment is set before the events of MGS1 or after MGS4 (it’s unlikely though Kojima has made stranger choices in the past) remains to be seen. Either way, players will finally be able to go hands-on with KojimaPro’s Fox Engine.

Source: Andriasang




  1. Really excited for this! Cant wait to hear more about it. As Skibadee says, looks like Big Boss with the eye patch strap being just noticeable.

  2. Got to be Big Boss; I’ve not seen this image posted anywhere else yet:

    Subtitled ‘From “FOX”, two phantoms were born.’ for those without a mirror ;)

    Meaning Solid & Liquid. My guess is that it’s set between Peacewalker and MG1.

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