FIFA 13 TV Advert Features Messi and ‘Arry Joining the Club (Video)

FIFA 13 is out really soon (September 28th in the UK) and, with the English Premier League back in full swing, you can expect to see this advert quite a lot as EA presses on with building the excitement.


So, Lionel Messi, Tim Cahill, Joe Hart, Karim Benzema, ‘Arry Redknapp and The Ox. All dressed up in quite prevalent PlayStation branding. That sounds like a pretty decent club to me. Will you be joining?



  1. Why is the ps move at the end of the advert, is FIFA 13 compatible with move lol dear God how is that going work

    • I’m also buying this for the vita since no word on pro vita.

    • Yes, there’s a Move mode where they let you draw the path of runs and stuff. Like FIFA 09 on the Wii.

  2. Can’t wait to play it on the Psvita :)

  3. As much as it often infuriates me in on-line play with the very obvious balancing techniques it employs, I really do love FIFA. Only about 5 years ago I would have hung my head in shame at proclaiming my love for FIFA over PES but, it just shows how much FIFA has improved to become the undisputed king.

    • Got to agree with you here, FIFA couldn’t get close to PES on the PS2 but it really has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years while PES has floundered (And in my opinion actually got worse)

      FIFA just feels like a much more complete game and I absolutely can’t wait for the end of September. Loving the ad too.

  4. I’ve always wondered why, FIFA and PES have never put in a mode which teaches you how to implement skills and tricks into match play. It’s the one thing that I’m really terrible at and would love to be able to do. I think if they made it fun a lot of people would play that sort of game mode.

    • Agreed – I might even buty a football game for more than a couple of quid (like i usually do) if they had that in. :)

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