Insomniac Games Are Teasing New IP

There was a keynote presentation at PAX from Ted Price, of Insomniac Games. As part of that talk, he’s mentioned a new IP that Insomniac apparently has well along the development path. It’s called Fuse and has a fancy website with one of those big countdown clocks. Oh, how we’ve missed those big countdown clocks.

Presumably, when the countdown reaches zero, we’ll get a lot more information about the project and how spectacularly awesome it will be. Either that or we’ll find out that it’s a Facebook game being published by Zynga and we’ll all have a little tantrum.


There’s an image too.

Looks a little bit like Generic Sci-Fi Shooter #37 to me, and leaning into the Killzone styling too, but it’s impossible to judge from just one image and big countdown timer.

UPDATE: GameInformer is reporting that this is a renaming of Overstrike. We had our suspicions that might be the case but Insomniac didn’t make any mention of a link to their previously announced 4-player Co-op shooter.

Source: Insomniac’s Twitter



  1. Looks like a robot Chimera…*yawn*.

  2. How about releasing Overstrike?

  3. Wonder if this IS Overstrike.

    Saw the first Resistance today in Blockbuster for a few quid. Amazing game. Funny how things go, eh?

  4. It’s Overstrike. Has to be. Artwork looks exactly like it.

  5. Well being Insomniac we can assume we’ll be blowing stuff up with very big, cool looking guns and forcing bad guys to dance to disco music.

  6. It’s MS exclusive, they signed a 3 game deal to develop for MS only

    • Lol…..your talking [email protected]

      • Lol ont ruin the rumour just play along lol. Imagine that though that would wound ps fans but then again they are no longer tied down to Sony so MS can sway them money over loyalty all day every day that’s the motto

    • lol.

  7. If they change the name they saw sense.

    Overstrike! brutal just brutal.

  8. man i’m not gonna be able to sleep…………
    dya get it insomia ha ha ;…….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  9. I was hoping Overstrike put some life into the baseball genre maybe instead of the normal striking stuff.. if you miss. the ball explodes (called a overstrike) and a robotic menace then attacks because….well a action baseball game just wouldn’t work.

  10. Looks a bit like Killzone. Please tell me it’s not a killzone clone as we don’t need another FPS copying another FPS as we have enough of them already! Oh and it’s exclusive to the Iphone with legs 0.5. :P

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