Killzone Trilogy Inbound?

According to a recent item listing spotted over at PlayStation fans may be in line for yet another triple dose of first party awesomeness. Billed for late October, “Killzone Trilogy” will go on sale for 60 Euros, presumably bundling all three games in Guerilla’s gritty sci-fi series.

It has yet to be confirmed whether the triple-pack exists. If proved to be a legitimate product, there will no doubt be questions as to whether Sony have renovated the first game in the series, slotting yet another gem into their “HD Classics” catalogue.


  1. I hope they remastered killzone 1, never played that before. It best not be k2,k3 & retribution cause I won’t buy that, I still have my K3 collectors edition best cover ever.

    What’s next resistance collection any other trilogy exclusive collections. Give us wipeout collection lol no am joking we don’t want it

  2. I can buy all 3 for under £20. No thanks

  3. If its an HD update of the first, and I can get it for ~£25 I’m in.
    £50? Fuck that noise.

  4. EUR60 ? I’m guessing its a holding price, but if its anywhere near that, then they won’t be selling many.

  5. CEX: KZ1 £3, KZ2 £4, KZ3 £12.

    • K1 ain’t on ps3 though & no trophy support :D

  6. Hopefully ‘KillZone1’ will be in HD with Trophies :P + i wouldn’t mind the PSP’s ‘KillZone: Liberation’ game in HD with Trophies to for the PS3 to :P

  7. Hey Sony! Just release a HD KZ1 for the PS3. I shouldn’t have to buy 3 games just to own the one I want.

    • I thought that was planned for a PSN release though – Didn’t it appear somewhere like on a ratings classification website or something? Oh, where’s Tuffcub when you need him eh?

      …Although, saying that, i suppose it could have easily been this version… :S

      • It was, and then it was “delayed indefinitely”. After that, I believe this collection is the first mention of it… and I guess it isn’t even that as it doesn’t really mention anything. :)

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